End of 2018…. On to 2019!

This really was quite the year. Because it was so filled, I need to go month by month to recap….

January – In January, I was on a head-dress and octagon pin cushion kick. The first was part of planning for my Symposium workshop. The latter was because velvet octagon pin cushions are just cool.

February – I had started February focusing on a set of posts looking closely at how women wore their bonnets and hats. But, everything quickly focused on Clara with her emergency surgery. I will forever be incredibly grateful to everyone who helped out and sent their love for Clara. She is doing very well. She loves doing zoomies up and down the hall of the new place. She finally allows gentle belly rubs too.

March – In March, I announced the release of To Net, or Not To Net: Revisited. I am very pleased with the reception of my latest publication.

April – April was very much about exploring straw hat shapes, including a new favorite, the Mousquetiare.

May – In May, I started getting really busy at work while I went into straw over-drive at home. I made this simple post that looked at the many styles I work with.

June – June was GCVM’s War of 1812 event. This was a must attend event for me because marked the one year point from being in the hospital. I also wrote a post I would like to draw attention back to “Pizza and the Piggy Bank.”

July – July, July was amazing. I had an incredible time at the museum’s Civil War event. It was wonderful seeing old friends and new. I had a beautiful day with friends at West Sparta’s Old Fashioned Day.

August/September/October – I had such plans for August…. But, plans change….. We moved ….. Dan left….. Damaged organs got cranky…. I needed to find a new normal….

November – With November came my much loved Domestic Skills Symposium and Preparing for the Holidays. I got back to sewing straw. Pieces disappeared (sold) from my shop so quickly most never were seen on FB. I also started p.aying with more videos on my blog and Instagram.

December – and that brings us to now…..

It has been quite the year with some wonderful “ups” and, fankly, some crushing “downs”. At the beginning of 2018, never did I image nearly losing Clara, then losing my home and husband. I was thinking about projects, straw, dresses, and what to write. So…..WOW!

I want to say some of you have been beyond amazing, truly incredible friends. Thank You!!

I do have to look toward 2019. No, I choose to look forward to 2019. I will have a new normal to figure out.

I also need to keep focused in my shop. It would be very helpful if you could take my quick survey to let me know what you are looking for in the coming year:

Planning 2019 Survey

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