Where is My Shop?

PDF of Anna's Millinery WorkI welcome you to visit my Etsy Shop, where you will find straw and winter millinery, doll millinery, sewing cases and accessories.

I work on millinery seasonally, with straw work starting in the late winter through summer and winter millinery in the fall.


Books and Patterns:

Paisley, Plaid, and Purled: Shawls of the Mid-Nineteenth Century 

Fanciful Utility: Victorian Sewing Cases and Needle-books

From Field to Fashion: The Straw Bonnet

Quilted Hood Pattern

Please, take a moment to see my Millinery Gallery:

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2015 Millinery Gallery

Sewing Accessories:

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Custom Work:

Currently, I do not plan to take custom orders because I have want to  explore the art side of milliner.  I may make an exception.

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  1. Anna, saw the black hood you made. What is the cost?? I’m very interested in it
    Marsha Regan

  2. Hi Marsha, It was $106. It just sold about a half an hour ago. I’m sorry.

  3. You have beautiful things. What was the name of your etsy shop again? Do you have a tutorial for the walnut thimble holders?
    Ty for sharing your talents.
    I do civil war reenactments in So Cal.

  4. Hi Michelle. Thank you. My shop is A Milliner’s Whimsy, under my name: http://www.etsy.com/shop/annawordenbauersmith
    I do not have directions for the walnuts…. Yet. I may write them up in the future.

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