From Field to Fashion Booklet published privately February, 2006

Fanciful Utility: Victorian Sewing Cases and Needle-books – Released Sept, 2012

Paisley, Plaid and Purled: Mid-Nineteenth Century ShawlsReleased January, 2016

To Net, or Not to Net: RevisitedReleased March, 2018


Quilted Hood – Fall 2011 – Retired
Fashionable Fichu – Winter 2013 – (Print version out of print) – Electronic version available 2020.
Mid-19th Winter HoodLappet style hood.

Wadded Hood Workbook – 2021

In Details

In Detail: “Earl’s Ball”A Corded Ball

In Detail: The Pillow Pin Ball

In Detail: The Blue Ribbon Sewing Case

In Detail: The Embroidered Velvet Needle-Book

In Detail: The Velvet Slipper Pin Cushion

In Detail: Frozen Charolotte Pen Wiper

In Detail: Paper Pieced Pin Ball

Magazines, Journals, etc

In 2005 I began writing research articles for the living history magazine, the Citizen’s Companion. Since then, I have written articles for the Citizens and Soldiers and Camp Chase Gazette magazines as well as an assortment of newsletters and localized publications. My research looks at changes in mid-nineteenth century society and pieces of material culture. **NOTE: Some of these articles are now available via my Google Drive. Click Here**

  • “A Closer Look at Ribbons” – The Citizen’s and Soldier’s Digest, Sept/Oct 2012
  • “A Soldier’s Housewife” – CC, 2011
  • “Greetings on the Church Steps” (19th century address) – CC, July 2010
  • “Engaging Your Audience” – CC, May 2010
  • “Dressing Your Tables – CC, February 2010
  • “Chocolate in the Nineteenth Century” – CC, September 2009
  • “Increasing Spectator & Civilian Interaction” – CC, July 2009
  • “Travel in the Mid-Nineteenth Century” – CC, June 2009
  • “Looking at Looking Glasses” – CC, April, 2009
  • “Serving 19th Century Style – CC, March, 2009
  • “Keeping Warm This Winter”- CC, January, 2009
  • “Carrying Your Impression” – CC, December, 2009
  • “Folding Chairs” – CC, November, 2008
  • “Paper Flower from Godey’s Lady’s Book” – CC, August, 2008
  • “Types of Buttons” 2 parts – CC, June & July, 2008 – Don’t read this one. I regret writing it as the research was weak.
  • “What’s Under Foot” Carpets & Rugs – CC, April, 2008
  • “Doll and Ball Toy Patterns” – CC, March, 2008
  • “Shopping For Millinery” – CC, January, 2008
  • “Needle-books, Sewing-Cases and House-wives” – CC, November, 2007
  • “Straw Hats”- CC, August, 2007
  • “Social Movements Series” – CC, 10 parts, February, 2007 thru 2008
  • “Bonnet Ribbons: A Survey” – CC, April, 2007
  • “An Introduction to Introductions” – CC, December, 2006
  • “A Study of Trunks” – CC, December, 2006
  • “Choosing a Shawl for Your Living History Impression” – CC, October, 2006
  • “Wearing a Hair-Net”- CC, August, 2006
  • “Straw Bonnets” – CC, June, 2006
  • “Shawls: An Article of Dress”- CC, February, 2006
  • “To Net or Not to Net” – CC, December, 2005
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  1. LOVE the paintings of the aprons. Especially the last where she has a headscarf as well!!

  2. Anna, you can put Dover books about fashion right here, or did you know diver publications? I have seen those books at my village starting back in 2016.

  3. No. I can not put Dover Publications here because this is a list of publications I wrote. I have not written anything published by Dover.

  4. Yes, I have heard of Dover Publications. Museums frequently sell them in gift shops.

  5. Yes, GCVM has a gift shop. They do sell a selection of books, including those published by Dover. A focus of the gift shop is on reproduction items made in the village such as pottery, baskets, wooden utensils, and tinware.

  6. Yes. I’ve seen them.

  7. I have no ideaoff hand. I don’t pay that much attention.

  8. Anna, have you ever heard the author Ming Ju Sun, she is the author of Godeys fashions colouring book

  9. Anna, I have not been to your museum, can you show the picture what the gift shop is like at the GCVM

  10. Anna, sorry about that, I think the publications are avaliable, Anna, have you ever heard of Dover publications before

  11. Yes, Anna, my museum (Black Creek Pioneer Village) sells Dover books at a gift shop. And I check the ROM has Dover books for people learning the fashions at the museum. Does the GCVM has a gift shop, do they sell or keep Dover books

  12. Anna, have you ever heard of Godeys fashions colouring book, it is a book that is published by dover.

  13. Anna, what is on the cover on godeys fashions colouring book (2005) (reprinted 10 years later), when you go and see them

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