Blog Updates

January 2014 – I changed the resource pages to be more visual. There are several popular posts that I will be converting to pdf files and adding to the resource pages for easy access.

May 20, 2013 – I am doing some more tweaking. I am trying to neaten up the long list of pages on the right. I’ve not been fond of the outline format of the subpages. This is simply because the list becomes so long. Yes, there was the advantage of being able to see where everthing is. But, I hope by including each former page as a post/link within topical pages, the flow will make more sense for readers.

July 29, 2012- If you have been reading my blog for a while, likely you’ve noticed a few changes. Well, hopefully you’ve noticed them.

The biggest change is the sub-title. I’ve gone from “Nineteenth Century Living History, Reenacting and Research” to “If Only I Had My Own Blue Box: Adventures in the Nineteenth Century, and maybe a little beyond.” This change reflects a few things. First, I’m not doing as much actually reenacting as I used to because the sun, heat and I just are not good friends anymore. I will still try to do living history events which are in the spring and fall or are otherwise more environmentally friendly. Second, the new title does reflect a bit of frivolity which I am personally in need of. I intend to have a little fun with the topics I am covering. Now, fun does not mean I’m going to throw research out the window. I still fully intend to continue researching and sharing what I find. It is just quite likely the topics won’t fall under the header of “ordinary”. Third, is the expanse of time suggested in the new subtitle. You won’t just find Civil War era information or projects here.

Let us look at the reorganization of the post categories on the right. I changed and rearranged several categories into a tiered format. I do wish the tiers showed up better on the front side like the do on the back side. Maybe soon. (WordPress?) The main categories include: Favorite topics, Resources and What I’m working on. Under these categories are the subcategories you will find the posts in. My Favorite Topics include each of my pet topics folding chairs, millinery, sewing cases, shawls and the newest travel for women. Resources is where you’ll find research tidbits. What I’m working on fairly self-explanatory. This includes additional information on articles I’ve written for various magazines including the Citizen’s Companion and the new Citizens and Soldiers, the projects I’m working on, anything I’ve added to my Etsy shop and workshops I have.

(If you don’t know what the blue box is, please run down to your local library and look up Doctor Who. )

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