Wadded Hood Workbook

This pattern, become workbook, contains a detailed look at a half dozen original wadded hoods from my collection and directions for making not just one wadded hood, but directions for combining methods into a nearly endless assortment of wadded winter hoods!

The workbooks starts a close look at original wadded hoods from my collection.
Next, it shows you how to make your own wadded hood with original cuts and methods. This includes multiple brim, crown, and bavolet options.

This purchase includes 3 downloads:

  • The Pattern Pieces (17 pages)
  • 2 files for the Workbook (53 pages total)

I tried to figure out just how many different ways of making a wadded hood: 5 brims….. 2 facings….. 3 crowns….. 2 bavolets…. mathematically that works out to 60 variations!

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Wadded Hood Workbook

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