From Field to Fashion: The Straw Bonnet

From Field to Fashion is available as an e-book in my Etsy shop.


From Field to Fashion is a 46 page booklet with the following sections:
– Straw Bonnets and the Straw Bonnet Industry
– Straw, Harvest and Preparation
– Straw Plait
– Straw Cloth
– The Straw Bonnet Base
– Industry and Labor
– Finishing the Straw Bonnet
– Who Wore a Straw Bonnet When?
and an Appendix:
1 – Original Bonnets Online
2 – Bonnet Production in Massachusetts, 1855
3 – Millinery Establishments by State, 1860
4 – Straw Bonnet Shapes
5 – Fashion Quotes from Harper’s Monthly & Weekly
6 – Fashion Quotes from Godey’s Ladies Book
7 – Straw bonnet quotes from fiction
8 – Wheat and Rye produced, 1850 & 1860
9 – Straw Industry Statistics
10 – Straw and Bonnet Related US Patents

Reviews, References & Reccomendations:

Timely Tresses

Nancy Farris-Thee

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  1. Your straw bonnet photo collection is so beautiful. I would be interested in purchasing your fine little book. I just finished making my first staw bonnet. Your photos are so helpful in deciding how to enhance it with ribbons. Thank you for your work.

  2. Hi Rene,
    Thank you for the compliment and request. I emailed you about the book.

  3. Anna, I would love to get a copy of your booklet. I have questions about straw hats and want to learn more.

  4. Hi Ruth Ann,
    Thank you for your interest. I sent you an email.

  5. I would love to obtain a copy of your book. Please send information on ordering. Paypal? Thank you!

  6. Hi Stephanie,

    I am sending you an email.


  7. I, also, would be thrilled to obtain a copy of your book. Please send me the details and I’ll order immediately! Thanks, Ann

  8. Please send me the information so that I might purchase your book. It looks very interesting and might come in very helpful when I finish trimming the straw form I have already. Thank you, Cindy

  9. Hello, We are interested in carrying “From Field to Fashion” in our bookstore at Wilson’s Creek NB. Could you please send us a review copy for approval at Wilson’s Creek NB

    We would appreciate this very much!
    Joyce Sanders

  10. Hi Joyce,

    I sent you an email. The review copy will be on its way. Thank you for your interest.

  11. I am interested in your book- how do I go about procuring one?

  12. I’ll send you an email Nancy.

  13. Hi Anna, I’d like to buy a copy of From Field to Fashion. I’d also like to see if our sales shop manager would like to carry it in our gift shop at Ft. Nisqually. Would that be okay, or do you prefer selling it yourself?
    Victoria Pann

  14. I would like to purchase one of these books from you.
    Santa must have forgotten this one!

  15. Ann – Sending you an email. Anna

  16. Hi Anna!
    I look forward to hearing from you, thanks so much!!! Wendy

  17. I am very interested in your purchasing your book. Please forward infomration as how to go about this transaction.

  18. Sending you an email Kathy.

  19. Hi Anna, I’m interested in purchasing your book From Field to Fashion. Could you please email me details. Thanks, Bronwyn

  20. I too would like to purchase your book From Field to Fashion. Could you please email the details.

  21. Nicole,
    Thank you for your interest. I emailed you the details.

  22. I am a Milliner in Salt Lake City, UT and would love to have your book to add to my library. Please let me know how to obtain one. Thanks so much-
    Mary Ann

  23. Hi Mary Ann. Thank you for your interest. I sent you an email.

  24. Your book was recommended to me as a good understanding of bonnets. I would very much like to purchase a copy. Thank you so much – Lisa

  25. Anna,
    I would love to recieve your book. Please let me know how to purchase a copy.

  26. I just started following your blog and am fascinated by your deatiled research. I would love to purchase this book if it is still available.

  27. Thank you for you compliment. I am glad you enjoy my blog.
    I only have a few From Field to Fashion left. it can be purchased through my Esty site:

  28. If you do reprint your book, I would be extremely interested in purchasing a copy. Thank you.

  29. Please let me know if you do another printing. I’d like to order a copy Thanks! -LP

  30. please let me know also if you do another printing.. I would like a copy also… sue ellen

  31. Thank you, Sue Ellen. I will do that.
    We are focusing on my shawl book at the moment. I should be able to give From Field to Fashion the attention it deserves soon.

  32. I would very much like to purchase your book, From Field To Fashion. Hope you are still considering putting it back into print. Deb

  33. Hi Deb,
    Thank you for asking. I am still deciding whether to write a second edition, which would be some years out, or to reprint this edition to meet the numerous requests. I will certainly post on my blog as soon as I decide.

  34. Anna,

    If you decide to reprint this book, I am interested. Love your site!!


  35. Hello,
    I am hoping this reply will email back to everyone who has left a comment requesting From Field to Fashion availability.
    From Field to Fashion is now available as an ebook. Please visit my blog for full details.

  36. Boa noite! Como faço para adquirir o livro? Obrigado!

  37. Thank you for asking. My books are available as e-books in my Etsy shop.

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