Exclusive Patreon Content

I share Exclusive Content about extant items and original documents on Patreon. Sometimes it is Victorian fancy work. Sometimes it is millinery history. Past content has included:

  • “The Milliner’s Girl” an excerpt from The Women of New York
  • Squirrel!!!! (My squirrel pocket’s design)
  • Eva’s Book and Excerpts from Eva’s Book
  • Repaired! a look at how I repaired a miniature millinery block
  • Straw Explorations – A look at straw motifs and learning to make them
  • One Hundred Presents an excerpt from St. Nicholas’s Magazine
  • In Detail Exclusive: Heart Pin Cushion
  • An original millinery bill
  • Original straw bonnets and restoration exploration

Patrons also get access to In Detail publications as they are created. (Initially these were emailed. Then I discovered I could share them right in the posts.)

Thank you in advance to anyone who considers supporting me in this way.

You can find me under:

A Milliners Whimsy


For those of you new to Patreon, Patreon is a way of supporting artists, artisans, authors, creators, researchers, etc.. by making a monthly gift.

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