Presentations & Workshops

I am looking forward to doing local workshops and presentations again. For programs further away, special arrangements can be arranged for programming.  

Presentations Available

Victorian Millinery Ribbons – Learn about the ribbons used for mid-nineteenth century millinery including weaves, colors, designs and finishing through an extensive look at original ribbons. Also learn as how they were arranged and how to recreate the look.

Shawls of the Nineteenth Century – Discuss the types of shawls worn during the mid-nineteenth century, which were made domestically and how to wear them with an in-depth look  at photographic images.

Straw Bonnets of the Nineteenth Century – Learn about the straw bonnet industry and this fashionable yet versatile piece of millinery.

Fanciful Utility :    Victorian Sewing Cases  – Learn about these uniquely utilitarian pieces of handi-work.

Keeping Warm –   Discover what it takes to keep warm in colder weather using period correct techniques.

Women during the Civil War – This discussion of life during the Civil War is ideal for library, historical society and classroom settings. Using a visual presentation drawn from the pages of Harper’s Weekly, learn about how the war effected life at home and civilian endeavors.

Mid-Nineteenth Century Women’s Clothing  – Discuss the fashions of the mid-nineteenth century and how women wore their clothes including the support garments underneath. This presentation is suited for library, historical society and classroom settings

Workshops Available

Victorian Needle-Books  – Make a Victorian needle-book in one of many popular shapes. This workshop is half a day. Cost is $30 per participant. Participants are welcome to bring some of their own silk scraps as well.

Victorian Sewing Cases 1 – Make a rolled sewing case in cotton or silk. Rolled sewing cases were also called work-pockets or housewives. Sewn by hand, this class takes a half to a full day. Cost is $30 per participant

Victorian Sewing Cases 2 – Make a structured sewing case out of silk, wool and ribbon. This hand-sewn project takes a full day. Cost is $40 per participant

Sewing Cases – Box and Swap – Participants bring fabrics to swap with each other and learn to make a simple, yet pretty sewing box. Cost is $25 per participant.

Straw Bonnets – Make a straw bonnet form for your 1850s or early 1860s impression. Learn to manipulate straw plait into  the shapes popular before and during the Civil War. This workshop requires hand sewing throughout a full weekend. Participants will make a straw bonnet form that can be decorated on their own. The cost is approx $75 per participant.

Quilted Hoods – Make a warm silk or wool quilted hood appropriate for your mid-nineteenth century impression. Get special tips while using my popular Quilted Hood Pattern. This is a full day workshop. The cost is $60 per participant.

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