Is There a Perfect Day?

This afternoon, I found myself sitting in the shade of a lovely cluster of trees, enjoying a nice breeze, part of a circle of friends….. and I was utterly content. For the second Saturday in a row, I was in my happy place.

Even my eyes were greener.

Today, I joined my friends of the 140th NYVI at the West Sparta Old Fashioned Day. This is a sweet event out in the country, further down the Genesee Valley. It is the epitome of a nice, small town event with pony rides, local artists and mechants, beautiful music, and games. We even got serenaded by the Warsaw Barbershoppers.

For the past many years, the 140th has set up a demonstration area for event goers to stop and chat at. This is the tyoe of event where just about everybody that comes by truly stops and chats. Devon put on a nice interactive display of period entertainments and games. A circle of us sewed, knitted, and were ready to darn socks if the need arose. I did straw of course. The military did a camp life display and an engineers tools display.

I am not sure how to organize the photos other than to say we had a wonderful time.

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  1. How nice.

  2. That looks like so much fun! Love days like that.

  3. It was such a peaceful day. Great friends and beautiful day.

  4. Very nice images. Thank you for sharing.

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