Millinery Monday

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I Need Space Sale!

Save 25% on Select Millinery

Seriously, my hallway is filled with millinery looking for new homes. Select millinery pieces are now 25% off for today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday.)

While I’m at it, e-publications are all 20% off as well. This is a great time to grab Paisley, Plaid, & Purled to read up on what shawl you might want for fall, or grab my Witchy Hat pattern to make your own hat for fall, or grab a winter hood pattern to get a jump start on your winter waredrobe.

I am finishing up a hat this morning that will be available as soon as I decided which of the pretty brim edges it wants. I will add it to this post.

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Pair of 1880s Capote Bonnets

I just added two 1880s capote bonnets to the shop, one natural and one green. Both have vining around the brim.

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Millinery Monday

I anticipate the weeks transitioning back to school will be accompanied by a scattered brain. With that in mind, I am pre scheduling images for the next several Millinery Mondays. I will write posts when I can.

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Combining Straws

I’ve been trying something with combining wheat straw and abaca straw plaits to mimic the look of straw plait and horsehair braids of the nineteenth century. The combination is pleasing, with the abaca giving semi-sheer sections to the brim. I made a natural with natural bonnet, a green with natural bonnet, and now a green with natural hat.

This fashionable tapered crown hat combines green wheat straw and natural abaca straw plaits. It has a shallow crown and a shaped brim. This is suitable for a fashionable waredrobe ca 1860-65. This hat measures nearly 21″ around the inside of the crown, 11.9″ across the brim

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Two Straws, One Bonnet

This spoon style bonnet combines natural wheat straw and abaca straw in stripes across the brim mimicing the look of straw and horse hair plaits in original bonnets. This bonnet is suitable for the American Civil War era.

This bonnet is 8″ from top of the brim to crown.

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Summer Series – How Long Did A Straw Bonnet Last?

Two weekends ago, I heard several questions about the life of a straw bonnet or hat. Some asked how long one would last. Others asked if they could be remade. These questions wander down a delightful path.

I already addressed the durability of straw in a previous post. Read

While some women could afford to purchase multiple bonnets a year, some women needed their bonnet to last several seasons or even years. Other women were just sensible and/or even crafty.

Straw is a forgiving material allowing old thread holes and markings to disappear fairly well. This meant a straw bonnet or hat could be redecorated from season to season or as the need arised. This could be the floral trims, the ribbons, or the entirety giving it a new bavolet, frill, and trims resulting in a “new” bonnet.

As the shapes of bonnets changed from season to season, the shape of a bonnet could fall out of fashion. Many straw goods merchants offered blocking services. This enabled a straw form to be blocked, or reblocked, to better reflect the newer style. While this would have been more difficult proceeding through the 1850s as the brim rose in height, the changes from the 1840s into the 1850s, then the 1850s into the first half of 1860s as bonnet size shrinking were managable.

Women with skill could rework a straw bonnet or hat at home. Early in my millinery adventure, I came across a this Godey’s 1856 passage describing how to pick apart a bonnet and resew it alternating straw rows with strips of silk.

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Tapered Crown Hat

This tapered crown hat is now available in my shop. It is a larger size being nearly 22″ around the crown.

Please pardon the wonky photos. I dismantled my photo studio to reclaim my second bathroom temporarily. This is in one of my event baskets. The basket is a bit tilted being on the edge of the sink, while the turn table is a bit tilted in the basket. I have this idea of improving the photo space, but I need to get the right supplies. (4 6″ table legs, a large enough board, and a series of dowels.)

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Shop Restock! Lots of Millinery to Choose From

Now that the biggest display event of the summer has wrapped up, I filled my Etsy shop with pieces I held back over the weekend. This may be the most millinery pieces I’ve had in my shop at one time.

Still available

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