Bonnet Sale!!!

I’ve decided to do something a little crazy:

All Mid-19th Century Bonnets are on SALE!!!

There happens to be a particular millinery item I have my eye on. I told myself if a bonnet sells, I can have it.

Details: The sale runs through Sunday, saving 15% on the Mid-19th century bonnets currently in my Etsy shop.

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Evening Addition

I thought I would post a hat in the evening for my night owls.

I also put together two sample videos of my millinery, a bonnet video and a decorated hat video.

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Photos from this Past Weekend

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Interpreting Women’s Employments through the Millinery Industry

For several years now, I have wanted to take a deeper look at what the millinery industry meant for women. Behind each of the beautiful confections for the head, are an assortment of women; some earning a little extra money, some supporting their families, some exhausting themselves for the spring fashion season.

This past weekend, the Genesee Country Village and Museum provided the platform for this approach as their latest event focused on the lives of the women, children, and men of Western New York during the Civil War. This living history format invited visitors to take more time with each of the interpretations and presentations, while interpreters and reenactors were able to get more in depth with their topics. Based on our experiences in the millinery and what I could see from my porch steps on the square, visitors embraced the opportunity.

Today’s video starts with a rainy wet Saturday morning, then takes a look at the two interpretive approaches used with most visitors.

Notes for the Video:

Images in the Straw Plait Box: Left – Three milliners CDV, Anna’s Collection. Center Top – “The Milliner” Stereoview, Anna’s Collection. Center Bottom – Plait School Illustration Right – Corning Milliners CDV, Ron Coddington’s collection.
The flowers in the box are from M&S Schmalberg in NYC. The Leaf die is one of a trio of leaf dies I was lucky enough to find at a price I could afford. The smaller ones are harder to see and sharper, so left out. The silk petals were free cut as I don’t yet have a petal die.

This is the recommended reading list set out for visitors to photograph: PDF

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Fresh From The Millinery

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New Additions

I just added two sharp black hats with stripes to the shop. One has forest green stripes, the other has bamds of natural straw.

*note* I will be pulling all mid 19th century millinery from the shop Thursday so I can pack for the event this weekend. Some pieces will return Monday (Maybe Sunday night) while some may be gone or decorated.

Currently heading to the event this weekend.
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New Bonnet with Forest Green

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Two High Crown Style Hats

I finished two high crown style hats and added them to my shop. On the left is a shallower crown with narrow shaped brim, a Postillion. On the right is a larger size high crown with the narrow shaped brim, a Mousquetaire. Each are hand shaped, only guided by a block. This means they are one of a kind and not easy to replicate.
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Whimsy Wednesday: Lavender Wands

I remember each summer Grandma would tuck a new lavender wand, or two, or three, here and there around the house. These fragrant, woven bouquets were quintessential tokens of summer in the historic village.

For each wand, you will want:

  • An odd number of lavender stalks (9, 11, 13) of about the same length and size head
  • 1.5 to 2 yards of narrow ribbon
  • String (optional)
  • Scissors
  • A wide eyed bodkin (optional)

Video on Ribbon Sachets:

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Sewing a Straw Bonnet: Sewing Straw in the 19th Century Millinery Trade

I didn’t know until I wrote it that this is going to be a new series. It won’t be a regularly scheduled series or necessarily a  long series. It will be a series though. I hope to share my straw sewing with people while exploring the various aspects of straw millinery.  I hope you enjoy.

New Bonnets in Shop

I also have new bonnets in the shop. I anticipate the bonnet from the video being finished later today (Monday)

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