Whimsy Wednesday

A short video today, thanks to yet another migraine. I started a witch hat in green wool and share some of the cornucopia trimmings.

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Victorian Walnut Hat

I love this later Victorian style in the walnut straw. This fashionable hat has a high tapered crown and a turned up brim angled towards the front.


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Holiday Shop in Etsy

As you may have seen, I already started filling my shop with holiday gifting goodies. Confession: At the beginning of the year, I had
planned to solely focus on straw millinery for the whole of the year, with setting aside smaller projects to rest for a bit. How plans change.
The new plan is to offer an assortment of historically correct and historically inspired items that are both heart warming and budget
This list will evolve as the season evolves….

Straw Cornucopia Ornament – For me, the cornucopia symbolizes hope of a plentiful table surrounded by family and friends. My straw
cornucopias are ready for you to decorate as you will. I will be recording a video of ideas on how to decorate soon.

Strawberry Pincushions – In recognition of the well favored strawberry ornaments, this year, I am of ering these larger strawberries in a
variety of fabrics.

Parasol Penwiper Ornaments – These whimsical penwipers make beautiful ornaments thanks to the hook on the top of the crochet hook. The
beading will look beautiful among the tree lights.

Project kits – I started of ering limited edition Project Kits this year. Each kit is for a historically accurate or a historically inspired project.
Some come with PDF directions, while others are trying a new video directions format. Previously, I offered a Velvet Needle-book Kit

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Share the Spirit

As the days and nights turn colder, some of us are easing into the holiday season a little early. Okay, some are jumping in enthusiastically and some are feeling trepidation. With all the uncertainties of the pandemic, this is a time of heightened feelings, anxieties, and worries for many.

Attention spans have shortened.
Purse strings have tightened.

The need to curl up and feel safe has increased for many of us. For me, this is a soft blanket, a hot cup of tea or soup, a purring cat, and a feel good project. This combination brings me back to me, but also to my most connected; connected to myself, connected to my crafty Grandmas, connected to who I am making something for or in memory of, even connected to where each of the materials are from.

In September, I mentioned my Share the Spirit initiative. Share the Spirit is my way of sharing that feeling or spirit of connectedness. My goal in the coming weeks is to share some of my favorite feel good projects with you. Each will be shared as part of my Whimsy Wednesday video series, some of which will be Whimsy on the Weekend. Some of them will be freely given templates and/or directions here on this blog or on my Don’t Paint the Cat blog. Others will be kits or projects available in my shop. (I would love to give everything for free, but that just isn’t doable right now.) My plan is to share at least two free projects a month and one shop project a month.

Most of you already saw the first Share the Spirit project: Clara’s Christmas Friends. These festive fabric felines can be made up with
what materials you have on hand or what you wish to pick out special.

I have several more ideas in mind to share, some of which will get unpacked as tree decorating comes closer. This list is tentative to go with
the flow of how the season develops:
Straw Cornucopia
“Birthday Bears”
Woolies (A heart filled favorite from my most broke of times)
FanU Style Gift Boxes
A Victorian Bird
A Victorian Slipper Ornament

I hope you each enjoy my Share the Spirit initiative.

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A Unique Hat

Well…. I screwed up. I decided to add a two color vining edge to this green dome crown hat. While I absolutely love the green and brown together…. The greens are not the same green. Sadness revealed in the full light of the photo room.

With this, I’ve decided to leave the hat at an extra special price. It certainly will be a one of a kind.


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Whimsy Wednesday – Chat

This week’s video is a chat about my Shutterfly book that arrived, my newest doll addition, and new strawberries.

Do you love my newest Frozen Charlotte as much as I do? You can find your own at ReproDolls on Etsy.

The strawberries are up in my shop! Find them here. Remember to tell me if you want me to make a) more beaded vemvet strawberries b) more Family Heirloom Weavers strawberries c) blue coverlet strawberries or d) paisley wool strawberries.

If you missed this past weekend’s video for dressing the cats, catch it here.

P.S. – If you receive or buy Early American Life, check out the article “Winter at the Genesee Country Village” in the December issue.

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Millinery for Monday

I had a lot of fun working the vining straw around this hat brim. I think the vining looks really cool in the black plait.


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Whimsy Wednesday on the Weekend – Clara’s Christmas Friends pt 2

Time to dress Clara’s Christmas Friends!

You will want to make a cat of your own using the template from Wednesday’s Whimsy post.

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Whimsy Wednesday – Clara’s Christmas Friends

I have been looking forward to sharing this feel good project as part of my Share the Spirit initiative for Whimsy Wednesday. I never expected that in the days leading up to this cat theme, that friends would suddenly lose their dear feline family members. When I read of the first loss, I had one of these kitties on my lap getting it’s filling. I had been planning this video when I read the latest. Both brough tears and added more meaning to this feline project.

I hope you enjoy this project whether it be a holiday feel good or something more memorial.

(I don’t know what happened with the video. My phone split it into two parts. I have yet not resubscribed to WeVideo for editing it back together.)

The end bit

Click on the cat thumbnail for the pdf template:

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Ag Fair 2020

It was a damp 46 degrees when I left the house to head for Ag Fair. I didn’t care. With layers of wool and silk, I was ready and comfy. This was a much needed escape to my favorite place and one of my favorite events.

It did feel weird not entering this year. This may account for some sub-conscious crankiness on Friday. Apologies to those in my path that day. This year two big tents filled the Great Meadow. The trio of sheep and mother son pair of alpaca got to be the animal stars, along with two small ponies pulling carts around the village square. Food was in abundance from piping hot cocoa and coffee with donuts to kettle corn to yummy struddle. Music filled the meadow from the stage platform on the hill. Who knew that relatively new and simple addition would become an advantage this year.

I was delighted to see faces I haven’t seen in person in years. ❤❤❤

On way to the village, a tent was set to give guest interpreter, Cheyney McKnight, ample space for visitors to safely stand and watch. Her dish this morning was in recognition of Sojourner Truth; a dish with potatoes and kale.

In the village square, you could learn about Temperance, Phrenology, how corn was processed, and watch a Punch’n’Judy show.

The corn demonstration area became a magnet for young visitors. Ar one point, I heard 3 languages spoken as these kids were captiveted by the tasks. Yet they managed to keep safely distant.

Of course, there was lots to buy from local artisans and agri-merchants. I set aside a budget so I could support some of my small, local businesses:

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