New Hat

I just love how the colors in these peacock feathers play with the copper straw. I am so glad I decided to see how these would look together.

I steamed, hand shaped, and wired these feathers. I finished the arrangement with a soft rosette of the antique velvet ribbon that encircles the hat. This hat actually tired me out.

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Community Cast Video Day 85

Today’s video includes my current straw millinery project, slippers that arrived, and some Q&A.

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CCV Day 84 part B – Hat Ties

Aka: I flaked and forgot

Aka: How to keep your hat on

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Community Cast Video Day 84

Today’s video includes Q&A, a survey of ginger beer, and silks in the mail.

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Community Cast Video Day 83

Today’s video focuses on learning and understanding.

Please take some time to visit Interpretive Challenges to find “A New Freedom Summer and Beyond Reading ListThis list was compiled for readers “who are interested in the struggles, successes, failures of Black people to be treated with dignity and humanity.

One of the books added to my Amazon list The Intimate Economy: Enslaved Women, Work, and America’s Domestic Slave Trade.

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Community Cast Day 82

Today’s video includes a myriad of…. Thunderstorm light shows, rain, blanket lint, doll plans.

Flashback…. I thought it would be nice to share some of my previous videos. Here is a demo I did last April during the Antique Show and Sale.

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Copper Bonnet

This is the classic spoon bonnet shape in a beautiful copper straw.

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Community Cast Video Day 81

Today’s video tries something different: “what’s in the box?”

Flashback….. This is a look at the Victoria’s Closet 1850s exhibit at GCVM.

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Community Cast Video Day 80

My apologies for the very short video this morning. I am just worn through.

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Community Cast Video Day 79

This is a rougher video. Sorry about my state of dysfunction.

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