Whimsy Wednesday

Part 1: Wednesday chat…

Part 2: Introducing Share the Spirit of the Holidays!

Find the Cornucopia in the Holiday Whimsy section of my Etsy shop.

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Whimsy Wednesday… But on Thursday

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Toque in Rose with Plumes

This brimless style hat would have been called a toque during the era, but we tend to call it a pork pie. This shape was a fashionable style that started being seen more towards the second half of the Civil War in more casual situations including recreational places such as the seaside.

I arranged the rose velvet ribbon while looking at a trio of original photos placing the velvet flat on the hat. I like the way the velvet texture plays off the white straw. The plumes are beautifully marble white, creams, browns, and greys. I even tucked bits inside the half rosette.

Inside is a white silk lining. This hat will best fit an average to larger head. It sits further down on the head than most period hats. It measures 22″ around the inside with the lining and trim.

This was hard to photograph, partly because I am rushing as the storm comes in.


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Thank You

I want to say Thank You to everyone who takes the time to leave a review or send me a note when their package arrives.

Reviews can be a big pick-me-up, especially in these stressful times. Knowing something I make brings joy to others, brings joy to me.

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Reviews also help us, craftspeople and artisans, know what people like and where to focus our attentions. This could be favorite items, styles, colors, materials. Today’s review helped me make a decision on fall/winter materials.

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Bring Cheer Sale

It is no secret I’ve been pretty down lately. Each week, I hear of more friends and clients who have loved ones ill or who have passed. I have dear friends who are struggling with medical hardships and wake to sorrowful messages. Add to this the stress of school reopening here.

I need some cheer. Not knowing what else to offer at the moment, I am having a GOOD CHEER sale.

All of the electronic publications in my Etsy shop are 20%, now through the 8th of September.

I thought it would cheer me to see little orange Etsy icons pop up at the top if my screen.

I also thought this may help people who are in need of little projects for themselves or for future gifts.

I am also planning to start up videos again. I’m just deciding how I want those to look. I know most of you prefer the pre-recorded YouTube format so you can watch when you want. This does open the possibility of better edited videos if I reopen my WeVideo account. More on that soonish.

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Calming Velvet Flowers

I fell in love with these flowers as soon as I took them from their box. They are a beautiful, calming blend of blues, greys, and purples. I am delighted with how they look nested on this creamy white straw with the silvery, purplely-blue silk ribbon.


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White Straw Bonnet

Today’s bonnet is classic and classy – the popular spoon bonnet shape in beautiful creamy white straw.


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Pretty Pinks

I love the combination of green and pink. The women of the nineteenth century did too.

This dark green straw hat, with a tapered crwon and fashionably shaped brim, is trimmed in a bright pink silk ribbon, and soft pink and peach silk roses.

This crown is 20″ around inside with the ribbon lining, suited for an average head. This has a shallow crown and will sit high on your head. It has a pair of cotton satteen ties to help hold it on your head.


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Pretty Green Vines

This bonnet has the classic spoon shape but with a pretty vine design in the straw. The green straw vines encircle the crown and brim.

This green straw seemed perfect for adding some vines in a bonnet. I am pleased with how it turned out.

This bonnet was blocked on an original bonnet block. It is best suited for an average to smaller head.


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Blush-Blossom Straw Capote

I tried something a little different with this piece. I enjoyed combining texture for this Regency era capote. A sheer silk bandeau wraps around a unique dyed straw with hues of pink, purple, and grey, kinda blushy-blossom. Sweet velvet leaves finish it off.

Thus capote style is meant to hug the head. It is 9 inches deep and 9 inches across the inside of the brim.


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