Summer Video Series – Decoupage

Today’s video is me starting a decoupage trinket tray. In the video, I say I am not sure if it is technically decoupage or papermache. It is decoupage.

I mention this site, but say it wrong. The site is Eclectibles. The page is their handmade ephemera. You need to check out the assortment of pieces they are offering. There is so.e very cool stuff.

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Black and White Straw Hat

This chapeaux cloche style hat is worked white and black straw. The black brim on the white crown was inspired by this description of a Caledonian style hat in the August 1861 Peterson’s:

Part of me really wants to decorate this hat in a thin black ribbon and black plume. But, I want to give some one else the chance to decorate it first.

(I’ll be posting about millinery in black & white next week, and the Caledonian style in the near future.)

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Summer Video Series – The Smallest Dolls

Today I share my smallest dolls (and complain about allergies.)

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White Hat in Red, White, & Blue

A patriotic themed hat for the coming 4th of July*.

This white straw hat is trimmed in vintage* red & blue ribbons, and red & white plumes.

*If this sells on Monday, I can have it picked up in Tuesday’s post. But, I can’t guarantee it will arrive by Friday for the 4th on Saturday.Both ribbons are a vintage rayon.

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Summer Video Series – Patriotic Millinery

This morning’s video talks a little about patriotic attire and a white straw hat I will be decorating today.

The following are from Madame Demorest’s Quarterly publication in 1861:


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Summer Video Series

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Summer Video Series – Saturday morning mumblings

A quick good morning….

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A Simple Survey – What do you see?

Please take a moment to help with this simple survey:


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Summery Fichus

Summer is the perfect time for light, airy accessories such as a fichu!

There are some great fabric options out there right now:

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Summer Video Series – Follow Friday

Today, for Follow Friday, I share two blogs for your consideration.

The Young Sewphisticate

The Victorian Needle

Please, join the Final Friday Frolic at 7pm tonight via Facebook Live. Help Chestnut Bay Quilt Shop reach their 200 viewer goal!

While waiting for today’s video to upload, I was excited to watch this video for The Sunbonnet Challenge by A Modista do Desterro.

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