May Reflections

May had wings this year. This is both because if flew by so fast and because it felt like several projects finally took off.

The sun finally came out. The birds started singing. The world became green. And…… I finally got to get dressed and do a demonstration!

It was wonderful being back at the museum as spring arrived. The visitors were Amazing. If you missed the video, be sure to take a look over on YouTube.

Being asked to do this demonstration during the museum’s Antique Show was a nice nudge to finally make my first 1830s dress. An 1830s dress has been on the to-do list for several years. But, life just kept getting in the way. I am very pleased with how the dress came out as well as the little cap. I still need to make a pelerine. But, I also want a second 1830s dress now. To hear about the details of how this dress went together, take a look at this video.

I am very excited to finish a new In Detail and a Kit to go along with it!!! This In Detail: Earl’s Ball and Corded Ball Pin Cushion Kit will be available the morning of June 1st to kick off the new month!.

Patreon Patrons – Be sure to check Patreon for your own exclusive In Detail!

I recorded a couple videos for Whimsey Wednesday worth noting: In this video on the Importance of Good Underclothes, I got very honest about fiber and fit. For my readers who want a simple, relaxing, yet useful project, here is a video on making ribbon sachets. Keep the smell of spring and summer with you year round.

I didn’t get as many millinery pieces done this month as I would like. I was so busy with making some things for myself and life stuff.

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New Hats Available

Wrapping up May, I have two hats available. These are two of my most popular styles. The dome crown with fashionably shaped brim. And, the tapered crown with the shaped brim that slightly curves down around the face.

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Whimsy Wednesday (delayed): the Importance of Under Clothes

My apologies for the delay in this week’s video.

Warning: This week’s video discusses the body. It may not be considered appropriate for all listeners.

Find the directions I use for drawers in the Compendium of the Sewing Academy, along with other useful guides. Visit Here.

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Whimsy Wednesday

This week’s video has been delayed due to migraine. Please enjoy these past videos instead. I tried to pick one for each major interest area.

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New Hat

I am too tired to say much more than: look new hat:

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Whimsy Wednesday: 1830s Dress Chat

I realized after I finished last weekend’s video, that I didn’t talk about my dress much. Today, I am talking about some of the dress details.

Check out Saturday’s video to see the dress.

Future Whimsy Wednesday Video Topics (when I my ducks are in a row):

  • Hat FAQ (fit, decorating, trims, ties, etc.)
  • Bonnet FAQ (ties, wear, weather, etc.)
  • History on a budget (tips and tricks I’ve used over the years, including what not to waste time and money on)
  • Why underclothes are important (fit, fabric, health)

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Millinery Monday: Cats in the Bonnet

I rediscovered this sweet image the other night. I had purchased it just prior to moving and forgot about it. I
am glad I came across it because it is too cute not to share.

This is a playful image of two kittens playing with a straw bonnet. There is no information on the back or indicating where it is from. I am not an ephemera collector. I simply wanted this because of the straw bonnet, and the kittens.
Looking closer we see a couple things. One of the most obvious is…. well … the artist was not skilled at illustrating the faces of cats. While the white kitten is quite cat like in appearance, the tuxedo kitten has an elongated face that is muzzle like. I can not help but wonder if the artist spent more time with dogs than cats, or if their experiences with cats was, well, less than affectionate.

This beautiful straw bonnet is trimmed in long blue ribbons, pretty pink blooms with plenty of greenery, and a lovely white veil that is in the process of being shredded by the kittens’ nails. The artist does a lovely job capturing just how much damage a feline’s claws can do to the delicate silk of a veil. Don’t ask me how I know.

Taking a closer look at the bonnet itself, we given a nice look at the interior decoration. Kudos to the artist.
We see the white frill or cap, likely silk net or organza. It runs from cheek tab up through the top of he brim
and back down, pleated or gathered along the way. Tucked between the white frill and the edge of the brim is
a black lace that appears to be set flat against the straw. A smidge of this lace can be seen behind the greenery as well.

Just beyond the white of the frill, nearly at its base is a black and grey line that may be bonnet stay. In this case, the stay is a thread covered wire, rather than an inverted velvet ribbon. The decorations are fairly simple, a trio of pink blooms set asymmetrically among a bouquet of greens.

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Finally back in Dress, aka Pinking Demo and 1830s Dress

You know you had a good Saturday when you roll out of bed and hop in front of the camera first thing Sunday morning, wrap dress and pomade hair and all.

A couple other things about my dress I forgot to mention…. The dress was incredibly comfortable. I was pleased with the fit, comfort, and functionality. It will make a good dress to sew in. The insert in the V worked fairly well. I pinned part of it to my stays. I am not going to do that next time as movement pulled that pin out and made puckers. I am going to tack it further down the neckline. Over all, I am very pleased with how this worked. The kerchief type fichu did not happen. It wasn’t going to stay in place. I didn’t feel the need to get out a kerchief either. I do want to make the white pelerine even more now. I also want to make a second 30s dress soon.

I was super pleased with the cap. It did slide off a couple times because I skipped the pins. How did I misplace both my hair box and my metal head pins???

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Video Focus Survey

I discovered the analytics section of my YouTube channel. Okay, I knew it was there but ignored it. To get my mind of the lengthy list of “stuff”, I decided to take a peek as I find this kind of numbers curious and calming.
It turns out, Friday is the most popular day to watch my Wednesday videos. I’m not really surprised there. It also turns out that the average view length is just under half the video length. This either means a number of people start the video and stop it at the beginning or people aren’t watching the full videos. I would prefer this to be a mathematical* thing and the first possibility being what is going on.
Just in case the latter is happening and people are getting bored with my videos before I am done talking, I decided to ask what you want to see more of.

It would be very helpful if you took a moment to answer my quick


Thank you!

*The average of 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 9, 8, 9, 8 being 4.3 verses just 9, 8, 9, 8 being 8.5, which for picking random numbers is oddly close to the stats I am getting.

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Strawberry Cap (and friends)

I have been wanting an original metal cap for a strawberry emory or pin cushion for a while now, years. I want to be able to look at the cap itself and how it is attached. It turns out getting one to study is easier said than done. They start a little over a hundred and go up from there. So, when I saw a withered away strawberry with its cap up for sale for the cost of a pizza, I knew it had to be mine.

I got the ping that it arrived mid-day. Then anxiously awaited the last bell to go get my mail. I opened its bag and box and tissue to find….. It came with friends!

I am delighted with both my withered strawberry and its two little friends.

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