Whimsy “Wednesday”: Announcing Two Mini-Publications!

Yes, I know. It is Friday, not Wednesday.

This week’s video announces not one, but two publications!

I mentioned the spoon project in the video. This is the Spoon Memorial by Made on the Moors, a collaborative art project honoring the women persecuted as witches during the witch hunt in England. Find more information here: https://www.madeonthemoors.co.uk/medicine-spoon-memorial-1

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New Hat

This hat came out very pretty with vining straw around the brim and top of the crown.

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Whimsy Wednesday

Or, should I call this a dark, dismal Wednesday?

I had a plan for recording this morning’s video: I would share the samples of my latest In Detail because they are much more fun when you can see them spin around. I would share my Whimsy Witch Hat project, a mini-pattern requested by a friend, and the straw hat I am working on, which is far too tall to ever be able to ship. I would share Marna’s video showing off her latest apron find and talking about what goes into Indi-patterning.

But, at this moment, a video is not happening. I am having miserable allergies. Puff – Check. Red and swollen – yuuup! Watering – endlessly, Running – hideously so. Absolutely not suitable for the camera.

I am convinced it is the rain and damp that kicks off my mold allergies. Each time is it wet out, I get gross. The air filters are on. On max. (I’ve been considering an additional on for the living room space.) Maybe, Maybe, I will look less gross in a while and record my video. If so, I will add it below.

Instead, please enjoy this video from The Domestic Lady’s Dressmaker. It is an unboxing with insight into what goes into indi-pattern making. (Hope this works because it is a FB video.)

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In Detail: Paper Pieced Pin Ball

I am tired. I am hungry. I am a bit brain numb. But….. The Summer Edition of In Detail is Ready!!!!

In Detail: Paper Pieced Pin Ball is available in my Etsy Shop.

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Don’t miss the previous editions of In Detail

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3-2-1 Stripes

This fashionable tapered crown hat has bands of black encircling the brim, in a 3 2 1 pattern.

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Who Wanted an 1840s Bonnet?

This is awful of me. I can’t remember who wanted an 1840s bonnet. I added one to my shop.

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Whimsy Wednesday: An 1880s Straw Bonnet

This darling straw bonnet was a gift from a friend interpreter. She rescued it and shared it with me. While it has seen better days, it has some beautiful details.

Bonnet interior
Handsewn polished cotton lining
The interior edge of the brim has a single layer of black lace, slightly pleated or gathered.
The spot where I said the straw looks brown under the black.
The beautiful fancy plait brim. The machine stitching through this causes my head to shake.
The circular crown tip becomes a horseshoe shape. The ribbon shows little sign of wear.
Small purple violets cluster among loops of black lace bringing the height of the brim up.

Favor Request: If you usually watch my videos here on my WordPress blog, could you take a moment and subscribe to my YouTube channel? This will help me have a better idea of how may people are watching. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVZo_2AOLN7E9lKVOOi28g

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It Was a Novel Weekend

This weekend, I was invited to talk about Regency era millinery with a focus on Jane Austen’s Emma. As it turns out, Austen does not talk about millinery much in Emma. Given this, I decided to try to pull from the various Emma movies while showing a sampling of pieces from the era. If you don’t know, the Regency era had a wide variety of millinery.

This bonnet was inspired by Miss Smith’s bonnet in the latest 2020 Emma. She wears a black straw bonnet edged with a decorative brown edge on the brim. I inverted the colors, opting for a walnut brown crown and brim with a black edge. As I worked, I decided to step it up a little by adding the
I used this event as an excuse to make a soft crown style. This is a style we often see in Jane Austen and other Regency period movies. It is fairly easy to make, and, more importantly, easy to fit and wear for actresses. My soft crown bonnet has a natural wheat brim and a yellow plaid silk taffeta crown. It is trimmed in cream silk ribbon and velvet pansies. This bonnet is available in my shop as of Sunday night. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1064689945/regency-era-bonnet-hand-sewn-by-anna
I find making the head hugging capote de pailles fun and challenging. I love the curves in the straw that developes into the shape. This is a shallow crowned capote with a curved brim for framing the face. It is trimmed with a vine of pink silk lilies entwined in a silk ribbon. This bonnet is available in my Etsy shop as of Sunday evening. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1064688391/regency-era-bonnet-hand-sewn-by-anna
I worked on a taped crown hat based on an 1805 fashion plate. It has a medium tall taped crown and a narrow brim. This piece is currently drying and will be available Monday in my Etsy shop.

The event itself felt relaxed. Visitors were able to stay and chat, asking a wide variety of questions without being hurried. I found I was off my game between being on day 4 of a migraine Saturday morning and not being ready for the heat. I felt like I was tripping over my words and stumbling though much of that I was saying Saturday morning. I recorded this little video Sunday midday. Afterwards, I started thinking “Wow. I used to do this five and seven days a week like it was nothing.” Now, a day is tiring. Two days kicks my butt. I feel so very out of shape with myself.

I am pretty happy with my “I’m tired and sweaty” complexion though. Filter free.
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Whimsy Wednesday

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New Hat

I had a little fun in pairing these colors. I find the way the magenta blooms and soft pink silk work together to be both playful and sweet, with the beautiful off white flower in center. Each of these flowers are from M & S Schmalberg, makers of hand made flowers.

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