August Forecast

August is the month that gets cheated. It gets advertises as a bright, sunny, 31 day month of summer. The reality is it gets cut short. Its last week belongs to September’s back to school. Days here and there mid-month are stolen by school work needs. Though we have summery places we want to go and sun time desires, fall demands attention, louder and louder, while we cry “where did July go?”. We long for a longer July, the month of peace and relaxation.

I don’t have any big events in August’s schedule. I will be popping over to a small, local, parkep event this weekend to do a sit ‘n sew with a friend. I would like to visit at least one more historic or cultural site this month. Or, maybe a spur of the moment event visit. Recommendations?

I have a big projects list:

  • I’d like to do a dozen millinery pieces this month, or 8 with some decorated.
  • DomSkills work shop design
  • Dolls of Godeys book

I also have random projects list:

  • Finish red stripe dress (there is actual progress, see below)
  • Make a jewelry box
  • Make a samples box
  • New FanU holiday project

Events ahead:

  • The Agricultural Society Fair (October)
  • Preparing for the Holidays (November)
  • The Domestic Skills Symposium (November)

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  1. We were in session throug June 23, while I funished out the month. So, I desperately need another full month.

  2. Schools here in Georgia are already back in session. 😦

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