My Shapes & Styles

It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to make a photo glossary of each of the styles of straw bonnets and hats I make. I know, this just occurred to me after how many years of making these?

Here is a start at a sampling of the shapes and styles I make. 

1850s-1865 (Pre-Civil War through Civil War)


Fashionable “Spoon” bonnet with a higher brim. This brim is more oval from the front.


Cottage style bonnet with a gentle rise from crown through brim. This brim often has a rounder shape from the front.


Marie Stuart style bonnet with the dip in the center front of the brim.


Soft crown bonnet. This style has a solid straw front and a soft crown (back) that can be made of silk, net, or lace.


Fashionable low crown hat. This is the most common shape hat seen in fashion illustrations and photographs during the war years. The brim is shaped into a curve.


Fashionable shallow hat with a gentle transition from the very shallow crown to brim.


A fashionable Mousquetaire style hat with a high, tapered crown and narrow shaped brim. 


Toque style hat with a dip center front. A toque is a brimless hat.


Wool and silk winter hood.


Silk “Pumpkin” style wadded hood.




1800-1820s (Regency Era)


Tapered crown chapeau.


Straight crown chapeau.


Shorter straight crown chapeau.


Chapeau (I have to look up the name on this.)





1830s-1840s (Early Victorian “Romantic” Era)


Bonnet  with a slightly flared, round brim.

1865-1880s (Mid to later Victorian “Bustle” era)


Hat with Marie Stuart dip


Tapered crown hat


Small bonnet

More photos coming….



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  1. I love the plan to categorize bonnets and hats by year or even decade.

    Our reenactment training wants to focus on having the hat match the same decade of the dress.

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