GCVM’s War of 1812 – Part 1 The Millinery

I have so much I want to say about this past weekend. It is easiest to start with the millinery.

I decided months ago I wanted to feature my tapered crown block and the beautiful block my friend, Julie’s husband made for me last year. I got started on my display pieces much later than it planned due to some work stuff, aka test exhaustion. But, when i finally got going, I really got going. The result was the biggest bonnet I have made. (first attempt at uploading a video)

I love this piece. The block let me make these beautifully straight sides on the crown that rises 5″ in front and 6″ in back. The brim has this great curve to frame the face. The back of the brim is shaped with layering the plait in on itself. I just love the look of straw as it makes those lines. Okay, so, as I am writing this I am second guessing selling it. It is up on Etsy at this moment. I may take it down. If it does sell, it will have to ship in a Big box.

Next is the piece with the tapered crown. This piece is going to a good friend. It is much like my own chapeaux, just with a wider brim. This brim is very flattering. The piece is also very easy and comfortable to wear.

This third piece is one I made last year for this event just before I went into the hospital. This has a shallow, wide crown with deep curves supporting the shapped brim. This one is not up on Etsy yet because I am considering decorating it.

Of course, there is the piece I worked on during my demonstration. This black straw may got have been the easiest choice given the overcast sky not givong optimal light. None the less, I finished the entire capote type bonnet, including the pretty braided plait that flares at the edge of the brim. (Yes, this in the shop)

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  1. These are all lovely and fun! It’s neat to see the different styles from this era.


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