Looking Back at Millineries Past

This weekend would have been the Civil War event at the Genesee Country Village and Museum. Of course, as with so many events this year, the event needed to be canceled for the safety of all involved.

I thought it would be nice to look back at the event over the last few years.

This is the event where I get to transform the museum’s insurance office into a millinery shop for the weekend. I enjoy taking over the building for the weekend, but I also enjoy the planning that goes into it. Each year, I start planning the day after the event for the next event, then dive deeper into the planning come each January. My goal is to have an authentic shop which is also a welcoming learning opportunity for those visiting.

(I am searching for the non-Wordpress photos and videos from 2017 and prior. There is a slight technological snag. Obviously, I would really like to see the videos and photos from 2017 as those were my surgery year and it is a little foggy. The year prior was when Lily was in the shop with me. Before that, I was in the Dressmaker’s shop, aka the frying pan.)

Lily and I in the shop in 2016

The shop in 2017

Shop at GCVM CW 2017 b

What I wore post surgery. The stays I had on kept my incision from fully opening up on Sunday during pack-up.

2018 was my 20th CW event at GCVM. Here is a look through the before and after of the set-up.

Saturday Morning:

What is in my Sewing box:

Sunday morning (and more about the day.)

2019 was one of the hottest events I can remember, or at least since I’ve been aware of the heat as problematic. Read about that here.

Walk through the millinery as it was set up in the evening:

Saturday morning. I am already looking red.

I guess I didn’t take a Sunday video last year. I am sad about that now.

Prior to interpreting the millinery shop in the insurance office building, I set up in the dressmaker’s shop, which has no shade and gets quite warm. Here is the post for the year I did not make it through the weekend. Here is the shop the year prior in 2014:


2013 I was in the Dressmaker’s Shop doing a book signing. Wow. Time does fly. More about that weekend here.

IMG_20130720_103610_380 (2)

There are no photos from 2012 because I was in the office at that time. In 2011, I stayed with friends in Jones Farm and lead a sewing circle. That post is here.


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