Sunday in the Millinery

Today stayed below 80 degrees. That rarely happens for this event. The morning rain did ease off… The sun came out… And it was a beautiful day.


This weekend was all about people for me.

I had an incredible assistant. Thank you so much, Anneliese for volunteering to help me out this weekend. You were phenomenal.

The shop was very busy with friends old and new stopping in to say hi, take a look at millinery, and even sew for a spell. The museum posted a photo looking at the millinery shop from across the square, on Facebook that made me laugh. The busy moment was taking this photo below showing off two of my newest hats worn by two lovely friends.

The shop was packed for each day during the battle in the village. I played with the panoramic setting rotating in a circle.

I am now at home. The shop is deconstructed. Itn2was so very nice seeing everyone. I will admit, it was such a whirlwind, it is kind of a blurr. So, I don’t dare do individual acknowledgements. I am sad I won’t see some friends for a whole year. I already have a list of improvements or enhancements for next year (a foot stool, a wall mirror)

I learned some things this year:

  • Glue stick does not hold up to rainy weather.
  • I can upload videos to fb from the village.
  • Interpretive millinery gaps bugs me.
  • Sewing projects will arrive on their own.
  • Write it down (and take a photo)

I am delighted to find my Millinery Shop was one of Dave Valvo’s first stop for photos. Please take a look at his photos:

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  1. Well, I really enjoyed the photos and getting to see a bit of the Village. It’s nice to have a better picture when you talk about it. Looks like a lot of fun and I so wish I could there. Maybe someday. Keep it coming!

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