Event Reflections: GCVM Civil War 2019

I want to start with the infamous question: “Are you hot?”

This event, every last one of us, visitor, reenactor, and staff were Hot. As the days progressed closer to the event, weather alerts increased, warning people of the heat and heat index reaching 110 degrees. This is quite hot for for the Finger Lakes region. The museum took great care to make sure visitors and reenactors were as comfortable and healthy as possible. They set up cooling stations, emphasized which buildings have air conditioning, and had active emts on hand. This is one of the cooling stations behind the millinery.

Leading up to the event, I did start getting worried about the heat and how my body would respond. I’ve had a couple heat issues in the past and my body has been unpredictable the last few years. I am very relieved to report that other than a little sun headache on the way home Saturday, I feel good. I am the normal level of “day at the museum tired.” This is such a nice feeling for me. I credit this to drinking, drinking, and staying out of the sun.

Elyse joined me this year to be my assistant. I like to have an assistant because in previous years the building will fill with guests and it is nice to be able to run out to the outhouse or such.

Because it was so hot on Saturday, visitors were lighter than usual. This also meant more time to actually see friends. (normally I can not see past the front door.)

I may have shifted into camp director mode a few times in Saturday. I saw many people who worried me because of the heat. I may have reminded a few to drink water, asked a couple to sit down, and escorted one to the emts. I may have also gone out into the sun and watered soldiers.

Setting up the Millinery

Here are the before and after shot of the Insurance Office becomes Millinery Shop as it looked Friday before some Saturday morning changes:

Here are some arrangement photos.

I have a few millinery pieces that will be available as soon I get them unpacked and listed on Etsy:

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  1. Everything looks nice of course but I am particularly noting how nicely your new ribbon stand serves! Well done!

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