Back at GCVM’s ‘Mumford’ Event

Finally after two years away for me and eight years away for my husband, we were back at the Genesee Country Village’s Civil War event popularly called “Mumford”.

The weekend was wonderful. I spent the whole weekend in Jones Farm, a house regularly depicted as an 1830s farmhouse. In the dining area, I led a sewing circle where we worked on sewing cases. Some of these were donated back to the museum for their interpretive use while others were given to the sewers’ soldiers as housewives.

The sewing circle was a wonderful time to talk with old friends and new.

We were both quite pleased with our slippers. They were made with left-overs from the new carpet bags, lined with wool and leather soles from my friend Gail. They were perfect for around the house as well as runs to the out house. I found the soles of mine held up very well to a good amount of walking as I wore them most of Friday evening and all day on Monday.

As I stayed in Jones Farm for the weekend, I was able to see the event from a different angle than I usually do from the central village.

Somehow the whole weekend passed without the opportunity to take the photos I had intended to of our slippers, carpet bags, Dan’s shirts and my new dress. I didn’t even get a single photo of my husband and I.

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