New Mousquetaire Hat in Shop

This gorgeous Mousquetaire hat makes me think of the fall grape harvest. This Civil War era fashionable hat is made with a beautiful grey straw plait and decorated with a thick lush wine color Hyman Hendler ribbon and stunning velvet leaves.

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This may be one of the lushest Civil War era hats I’ve made. The silvery gray straw has a tapered crown and fashionable brim. It is decorated with shades of purples including velvet violets, blumes that remind me of thistles, and beautiful purple and green velvet flowers. The ribbon is a high quality double sided satin.

Love theis straw.
Love these flowers
Love this ribbon.
Love Love this hat!

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New Hat in Shop

This was a hard hat to photograph on either type of stand. So, you get me!

This is the same hank of blush straw I used for the previous hat, but there is a lot more variation in the color. This has the pretty pale pinks intertwined with a more natural, earthy color as the straw holds through the dye. What I find to be really neat is that the lower the light, the more rosey pink the straw looks.

One of the things I love about this chapeaux cloche style is that it is historically accurate, but also makes a great hat for modern wear. Historically, this style is described as a country hat, one for relaxation and recreation. The dome shapes of the crown and brim create a very comfortable balance.

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New post on Don’t Paint the Cat

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August Reflections

I am going to call my August a pop-up month. It has been filled with pop-up thunderstorms complete with wind and hail. It has also been filled with pop-up miscellaneous projects.

One night I made a new seam ripper with a mother of pearl handle because I think my first one plunged into the depths of the trash can. Since I had to dig into the jewelry stuff for the glue, I made a couple pairs of earrings. Not my skill set, but functional.

I had another spur of the moment doll purchase. Duchess arrived and Clara instantly claimed her.

In preparation for the Literary Weekend, I went on a Regency turban hunt because I realized I didn’t have a straw Regency bonnet anymore and didn’t have time to make on.

The maroon scarf above caused a little mischief when I accidentally dyed a load of laundry pink. I was quite pleased with my newly pink silk stockings.

I spent a day in the collections staring at the tinest beads. I discovered I could take photos through a magnifying glass.

Fiddlers’ Fair Pin Holders

I also worked on some projects for the coming Agricultural Society Fair. But, you can’t see those yet.


This was another busy millinery month. I made 13 or 14 straw millinery pieces, several of them decorated.

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New Hat in Shop

I shouldn’t pick favorites, but, I can’t help it. I just love the color of this straw. I find it soft and calming. Depending on the light, it looks like a soft pink or a delicate, light lavender. I am calling it “blush.”

The crown is blocked on my personal block, which is based on a smaller original. The brim is edged with a hand shaped ripple.

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New Hat in Shop

I kept this hat simple yet classic with a burgandy plume and ivory silk ribbon. This foresty green straw has been very popular this season.

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A Rose by Any Other Name???

Okay. Not roses and not exactly the same, but when I saw the 1864 illustration, I knew I had seen something like it before.

The 1862 pocket-book version is made of velvet or leather. The directions say it can be made in the size of the template. Which works out to be just under 6.5″ by 3.5″. The 1864 version holds a comb and brush in the pockets. So, this version would be at least twice, if not three times the size of the 1862 version.

Same Godeys

This is definitely one of those cases where we have to read the text. Of course, it would be lovely if the 1862 version would come with more information.

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New Winter Hood Pattern???

I am thinking about drafting another winter hood pattern from my collection of original hoods.

What would you like to see?

My collection currently ranges from the 1830s through the 1890s.

Here is a sample to get you going….

Current patterns:

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Pretty Pretty Pink Bonnet

This pink straw is such a pretty shade. I love the way the shiny outside of the straw is just a tad different than the matte inside of the straw as it makes up the plait.

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