Caps to Crowns Challenge!

Let’s face it: This past year has been incredibly difficult. We all deserve a treat.

With this in mind, our next
challenge is: The Caps to Crowns Challenge!

This May and June, I challenge you to make something for your head, from a Cap to a Crown, and anything in between. As with all my challenges, your Cap or Crown can be from any era, to meet the needs of your impression or region. But, this time around, I encourage you to have a little fun with this. This is a perfect time to treat yourself to something or to think out of the box to make something a bit more whimsical.
I will be making both a much procrastinated frilly cap and something more whimsical, yet to be determined.

How to Participate:
Join the Facebook Group: 2021 Caps to Crowns Challenge. There will be questions to answer so I know you are a real person.
We will begin discussion officially May 1st.

What to do:
Make a cap or a crown (or a tiara…. or dinner cap …. or a headdress ….. or what fanciful headwear you need/want) and share your progress in the FB group. Tell us your goals, your inspiration, your materials, etc..

This is for fun. Each person will choose their own goals for this project. I ask that we support each other in those goals. Participants may choose to do any era, region, and size pocket. I also welcome those who wish to make doll scale.

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Millinery Monday – Bonnet Block

Nearly a fanchon bonnet

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This Week’s Millinery

I wasn’t sure I was going to pull off decorating these pieces given how the week went. Honestly, I probably should not have pushed myself to finish these today. But, I did. I think they are lovely.

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Whimsy on the Weekend: a photo worthy box?

My phone is not adequate for taking good photos of these. Apologies.

She is wearing plaid lappet style winter hood. The plaid is cut on the bias for the brim. It may be silk or wool. There are extant lappet hoods of both wool and silk.

Her hat has a shallow crown, while the brim rolls back. Lacw appears to fall on one side while feathers or a combination cascades from the other.

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Whimsy Wednesday: Chat

Today’s video was recorded Tuesday. I explain in the video.

If you have project requests, let me know.

Also, I am considering whether to do longer or live programs. The current topics I am considering include:

  • A basket or bowl of velvet vegetables and fruit
  • A practical look at hairnets
  • Building your own swatch book (I am doing a private program for a local group with this topic.)

Since my stays will likely be completed this weekend, I will be starting my 1830s dress soon. I have the skirt and bodice in mind. The sleeves, not so much. I need to decide on sleeves that embrace the latter 1830s silhouette and be functional for sewing straw. This means I need a comfortable,  wide range of mobility without getting straw stuck or snagged.
Ideally, I would find the perfect genre painting or illustration.  I haven’t. If you know of a good genre painting or illustration of a woman in working attire from the 1840s, please share.

Promised “I’m home” note: I’m home from my second vaccine. This drive home was better than last time; I don’t have the intense drowsy feeling and wasn’t afraid I wouldn’t get home. I am still sleepy drowsy, but the soft kind. I did have a moment where I thought a migraine was going to hit Hard, because I felt like I had a fork stuck in my temple, neck, and breast at the same time. Interesting observation: this one was much higher than the first. I have armscyes that sit lower. I am eating lunch and going to lay down.

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Millinery Monday – Bonnet Block

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No New Millinery this Weekend

I am sorry I didn’t add new shop millinery today. I have been working on a large bonnet project all week. I do hope to have a new shop hat soon.

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Whimsy Wednesday: Stays, Pockets, Swatches

The Family Heirloom Weaver fabrics available at The Button Baron.

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March Reflections, delayed

This month called March happened. It was so busy with the life stuff, I haven’t moved on to April despite it starting 6 days ago. I won’t bore you with that stuff.

I did manage several hats this month. I think these were all March:

The March/April Pockets Challenge has been slowly moving along. Photos? I’m not sure where I have photos.

There was lots of project intentions happening. I thought about my 1830s stays. I thought about my 1830s dress. I thought about the swatch project for a local group. I didn’t actually do much though.

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Millinery Monday – Bonnet Block

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