A Fall Straw Hat

After a back to school straw hiatus, I just added a walnut brown straw hat to my shop.

Now that school has started, I won’t be making as many straw pieces as I have for the past couple months. In addition to straw millinery, I have added a modern Whimsical line. As we get closer to the holidays, I will add some living history suitable gift items.

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Whimsy Witch Hats

I will be sharing new Whimsy Witch Hats over on my Don’t Paint the Cat blog. Be sure to follow there for the latest pieces and new additions to the line.


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Sampling of Decorated Bonnets

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Whimsy Wednesday: Minis & an Unboxing from a Sleepy Me

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Special Announcement: Whimsy Witch Hats are Now Available!!!

I am very excited to announce my Whimsy Witch Hats, the first of my modern Whimsy Millinery line.

Don’t worry, I am not abandoning my focus on reproduction straw and winter millinery, just expanding and adding this fun, whimsical line. Each of my Whimsy Witch hats are handmade by me. The vast majority of my Whimsy Witch Hats are wool or wool blends, including upcycled wool, and lined with silk or cotton sateen. Some hats will be left plain, allowing the wool to take center stage, while others will be trimmed or embellished. I’ve been playing with embroidery, patchwork, applique, and even needle felting. For the construction, I am using a combination of hand and machine sewing for these pieces.

Available in My Etsy Shop:

Find your new Whimsy Witch Hat in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnnaWordenBauersmith

I also offer my Whimsy Witch Hat pattern so you can make your hat yourself. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1056713708/whimsy-witch-hat-pattern-electronic

Examples in My Personal Collection:

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August Reflections

August has felt like an odd month. I had bursts of creativity and productivity buncing with boughts of burnout.

The highlight of the month was my little sister visiting. I simply don’t see my siblings enough. We failed to get photos of us.

Time travel was supposed to fill the rest of the month, but life got in the way. I did get to do a Regency millinery demo for the Emma portion of Novel Weekend.

I released two mini publications this month: my first modern pattern and a fun In Detail. There will be an announcement following one of these soon!

August’s millinery was an assortment of eras:

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Last Hats of Summer

Since I had to miss my Fiber Week day at the museum due to a squishy swollen knee, I worked on the straw I had planned for the day. The results are the last two hats of summer.

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Back to School Sale!!!!

Save a crazy 20% on the two Regency bonnets currently in my shop.

Save 10% on all the e-publications. This includes e-books, e-patterns, and In Details!!!!!


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Mad for Plaid Challenge!

As summer wraps up, it is time for our fall challenge:

Mad for Plaid Challenge!

This September and October, I challenge you to make something Plaid. This can be a plaid garment, plaid accessory, or plaid item of material culture from any era and any region. You can make your challenge item as simple or as complex as you wish.

How to Participate:
Join the Facebook Group: 2021 Mad for Plaid Challenge. There will be questions to answer so I know you are a real person.
We will begin discussion officially September 1st. (I am in the midst of back to school. I will try not to be too distracted.)

What to do:

Make a historically researched item that is plaid. This can be a plaid garment, plaid accessory, or plaid item of material culture from any era and any region. You can make your challenge item as simple or as complex as you wish.


This challenge is for fun. Each person will choose their own goals for this project. I ask that we support each other in those goals. Participants may choose any era or region to work in.

Coming challenges….

  • Holidays (plural)
  • Pretty, pretty Paisley
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The Details of In Detail

What is the In Detail series?

My In Detail series is an electronic publication that takes an up-close, or in detail, look at original pieces of material culture, usually useful, handmade pieces with a whimsical or fanciful side. Each publication is packed full of photographs and information about the object, how it was made, what was used, how it has weathered time. Most editions of In Detail include a section showing you how to recreate the item for yourself. I try to write 3 or 4 editions of In Detail each year, depending on how frequently I find an item of interest. In Detail is available in my Etsy shop. Patreon Patrons at the “Straw Sewer” level and above, receive In Detail as well as additional Patreon exclusive versions of In Detail.

Current Editions of In Detail:

This edition of In Detail explores a paper pieced pin ball made of silks. The directions section provides information on creating a pin ball or an ornament.



This edition of In Detail is a little different as it has a surprise twist and more of a story before it explores Earl’s ball. This e-publication starts off exploring this corded ball and concludes with directions for making your own ball. Look for this e-publication in my Etsy shop.


This edition of In Detail brings back the project I offered while recovering from surgeries years ago. This pin ball is created from little pillows.




This edition of In Detail is a sweet velvet needle-book with red embroidery on the cover.




This is a Patreon Exclusive In Detail looking at one of my favorite pin cushions from a nineteenth century publication.




I fell in love with this velvet slipper pincushion and was excited to offer it as the second edition of In Detail.




This Blue Ribbon Sewing Case was my very first edition of In Detail. This is an amazing sewing case made from a blue ribbon. Note: this is the edition that does not include directions for making the subject.

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