Loopy Pink Bonnet

Okay, so, maybe I had a little fun with this title.

This is the pretty pink straw as a bonnet with large loops encircling the brim. This hand shaped trim add lots of fu and personality.


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This morning and mid-day I discovered just how many times I could hit the refresh the Informed Delivery page.

“Delivered” is such a lovely word.

Clara turned off the camera at the end. Sorry. I was going to say this bonnet block gives me a nearly complete timeline of 1859/60, 1861, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1866. I plan to take some nicer photos of the blocks and do a post featuring them in a timeline.

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Millinery Monday – The Upturned Brim

I had previously seen the name “Caledonian” adjacent to the Chapeaux Cloche I find to be a most sensible style.  In this case, the hat was more petite with an abruptly turned up brim. I found it to be closer to a toque style hat.

Caledonian and chapeaux cloche godeys 1862

The black brimmed and white crowned Caledonian from the August 1861 Peterson’s Magazine essentially takes the fashionable shaped hat of the era and turns up the brim edge. The brim retains its curve while turning up substantially all the way around.


This type of turned up brim appears in fashion illustrations with other names attached as well. In Madam Demorest’s publications, we see it called the Burnside Riding Hat and the Boulevard.

This turned up brim does appear in photographs as well. I was pleased to acquire an image with a nice example of this upturned brim. This image shows how the brim is turned up significantly while remaining shaped all around. The brim dips in a curve in the front, and dips in the back.

This is a hat I need to replicate. I am thinking through how to develop the upturned brim while fashionably shaping the brim without a brim block in hand. I anticipate some wiring hidden further in the brim, as well as on the edge.

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Millinery Monday – Popularity of White Straws

You may have noticed, I have been making several millinery pieces of white straw lately. This is because with the pandemic induced straw shortage, I ordered a bunch of white straw since I couldn’t get my natural Milan straw.

Of course, this prompted me to look further into white straw. I knew I had read plenty about white straw hats and bonnets in the past. But, now, I wanted to take a closer look at the use of white straw and what it was commonly trimmed with.

The July 1861 edition of Peterson’s shows that white hats were worn by children, young women, and women with these descriptions of a “Child’s Hat”, a “Misses’ Hat”, and “The Caledonian Riding Hat”. I am, of course, intrigued by the “fancy straw button”, the “large black straw button,” and “straw ornaments.”

July 1861 Petersons white straw


The month following shows this Caledonian hat with the white crown and black brim. (August 1861 Petersons) I will be coming back to this style hat in a near future post.


White straw was not exclusive to hats of course. Madame Demorest shares a few white bonnets with us in her M’me Demorest’s Quarterly Mirror of Fashions, 1863




The irony of the moment is that as I finish up writing this post I started last Monday, this Monday I am working with some pink straw. Go figure.

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Summer Video Series –

I am parting from today’s Millinery Monday plan to bring you some living history community news.

You can find the GoFundMe for Melissa and family here.

If you are not already familiar with In The Swan’s Shadow you can find it here.

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No video this morning. Migraine.

This week’s plans: Black and white straw or the Caledonian, doll aprons, pasteboard tray or pincushion, tbd, tbd.

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Liberty’s Independence Day

For today’s video, I decided to do something a little different. Last minute, I decided to take Liberty with me this morning. I am glad I did.

This was a different Independence day at the museum. Instead of parading or picnicking, I attended as a visitor. I only stayed about two and a half hours. That was just about right for my head. I picked up a commemorative pie plate for myself and for Lily. (I should message her that I got her one.) I got the only marzipan in the Confectionary and some hand pies. I did record a video of me talking while I was there. But I like this idea better. (I may add the other as that has some personal thoughts.)

By the way….. Someone worked really hard in the off season. The Flint Hill Store looks incredible. I love the layout, the lightness, and the floor. Nice work. (This may be the only store I go in this summer.)

I am a little irritated that much of the text moved from where I put it in the editor. This is the first time I’ve had this happen with WeVideo. Since I am using the free version right now, I can’t go back and fix it.
(Wevideo Link – https://www.wevideo.com/hub#media/ci/1766388978 )

Yum pie……

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Summer Video Series: Follow With Heart

Today, I want to share the work of a historian I am honored to know.

Please take a moment to watch this 4th of July message from Not Your Momma’s History.

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Summer Video Series – A New Book

A Woman’s Views on Women via HathiTrust


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Black and White Hat in Shop

After yesterday’s hat sold quickly, I was working on this hat with one idea. I redirected to this black rimmed brim. I am so glad I did. I love how the velvet and curled plume loom agaimst this straw.

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