Announcement – Parasol Pen-wipe Kits Now Available!

I am excited to announce my Limited Edition Parasol Pen-wipe Kits are now available in my Etsy Shop!

Only 8 kits are available.

Each kit contains:

  • Three circles of Valdini wool – pre-pinked on an antique pinking machine
  • A bone crochet hook
  • A string of 2 colors of glass beads
  • A small pinked circle of wool
  • A black and gold cord for hanging
  • A url link to a how-to video (this will be emailed)

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Copper Hat in Shop

Here is the fashionable tapered crown style in beautiful copper straw.

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Whimsy Wednesday

I got a little long winded today….

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Millinery Sale!

You all know I rarely ever do big millinery sales.

But, this year’s return to school has so many of us stressed, depressed, and worried. We deserve a pick-me-up. I would to be able to give everyone a treat. A cheer for me would be sending off all my hats to new homes.

Each of these millinery pieces is 20% off!

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Kits of the Future

The Embroidered Velvet Needle-book Kits have sold out! Thank you to each of you who purchased one. The pdf directions are still available in the In Detail.

I am currently planning the next kit: The Parasol Pen-Wiper, which happens to make an adorable ornament. This kit will also be a limited edition, with only a small number available.

After that, I am pondering a seashell and/or walnut pincushion kit. Would that be something of interest?

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Whimsy Wednesday

Today’s video covers impromptu hat stands and a couple new cdvs.

This is the tempting photo that would like have a hairnet given the headdress….

Here are magnifications:

Here is the second photo of Emma and Jennie, who may be sisters, who may be twins….

And some magnifications:

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Seasonal Updates

Eight days in, I am still kinda in shock that it is September. Okay, more than kinda.

With the coming of September, comes seasonal changes.

The Bad Millinery News – School starting means I will be spending my day at school rather than sewing. This means I will be making 1, maybe 2, millinery pieces a week instead of 10 to 15 a month as I have been lately. Keep this in mind when waiting for pieces because new pieces won’t be every couple days.

The Good Millinery News – This fall into holiday season I will continue to offer straw hats and bonnets. I usually transition fully to winter hoods and holiday decorations. This year, I am trying something different. This means straw millinery will be available in the shop for gift giving!

What you should know about holiday shopping – I close my Etsy shop for physical items early. I do not ship in the last 3 weeks before Christmas. This is to ensure pieces do not get tangled in the congested shipping and I am not adding to the stress of postal handlers at that time. I have several friends who work for the Post Office. They need sleep.

This Year’s Ornament – is my Straw Cornucopia. These can be found in the Holiday Whimsy section of my Etsy shop. I will do a special episode of Whimsy Wednesday on decorating the cornucopia.

This is part of my Share the Spirit initiative for the holiday season. This year’s holiday season is going to be hard for some of us for many reasons, be it distance from family, financial constraints, or a lack of creativity under stress. The Share the Spirit initiative will encourage each of us to share our spirit and help build on each other’s. I will be sharing fun projects on my blogs, bother historic and modern. I’ll also see if I can put some fun kits together for the shop.

I think that is it for now. It has been a long, long day. Please join me tomorrow evening for Whimsy Wednesday.

P.s. This may be a helpful link for those looking to gift a hat. “How to Sneak a Hat Measure.”

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Burgundy on Green

I love this color combination.

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New Hat

The first hat of this fall season is a classic tapered crown in beautiful green wheat straw with a fashionably shaped brim.

Be sure to see the Straw Cornucopia new to the shop’s Holiday Whimsy section.

These handsewn ornaments are ready for you to decorate. I’ll be sharing some ideas in one of the coming Whimsy Wednesday episodes.

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Whimsy Wednesday

Part 1: Wednesday chat…

Part 2: Introducing Share the Spirit of the Holidays!

Find the Cornucopia in the Holiday Whimsy section of my Etsy shop.

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