Millinery Monday – Higher Crown Hat Block

This week’s block is similar to last weeks. It is a tapered crown with a shaped brim. This crown is taller than the previous. It rises just over 2.75″ in the front and 2″ on the sides. This crown is also 19″ around. The brim is also shallower, being only 2.5″ deep in the front.

This block is quite similar to a block seen in an occupational image in my collection.
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Thoughts on the Cost of Straw

Materials for a Straw Hat or Bonnet

  • Straw plait/braid
  • Millinery wire
  • Sizing
  • Millinery Block
  • Needles and Thread
  • Approx 10-11 hours of hand sewing for a hat, 11-12 hours for a bonnet

Your Milliner’s Knowledge and Care

  • Study of original millinery pieces – shaping, techniques, finishing, decorating
  • Study of period photographs and fashion illustrations
  • Study of millinery blocks
  • Research time – original articles, tariff records
  • Hand care – Lotion, pain cream, wrist braces

Decorating a Straw Hat or Bonnet

  • Lining
  • Functional ties
  • Fashionable ties (bonnet)
  • Frill or cap (bonnet)
  • Bavolet and lining (bonnet)
  • Decorative ribbons
  • Decorative flowers
  • Decorative feathers
  • Bonnet stay (bonnet)

Shipping Materials

  • Boxes (can be free from PO)
  • Shipping tape
  • Packing paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Thank you cards (ran out last year)
  • Fragile stickers
  • Printer, laptop, and internet
  • Ink
  • Paper
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This Weekend’s Millinery

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My Story of Straw – Sorta – I needed more tea

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Whimsy Wednesday: Tools of the Trade

The Pockets Challenge Facebook group.

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Millinery Monday – Tapered Crown Hat Block

This begins the next segment of Millinery Monday. For the next several weeks, I will focus on original plaster millinery blocks in my collection.

To start off, this block is a tapered crown with a shaped brim. This block may have originated from the mid 1850s through the 1860s. Notice the crown is shallow. It rises 1.75″ in the front and 1.5″ on the sides. This crown is 19 inches around, meant to be worn high on the head as with most fashion hats of the era. The brim is only deep enough to cast some shadow on the eyes, but not shade the whole face.

Following are examples of a tapered crown style.

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One more

Here is a fashionable tapered crown for you to decorate. (I was going to, but I over did it yesterday.)

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February Reflections

After a blur of a January, February finally felt productive again.

The end of January wrapped up my extended New Year’s e-publications sale. By the end of the sale, over 70 publications sold, many to returning readers. This allowed me to recover from my holiday illness without stressing too much over my budget. Thank you.

February began the official spring season for the year. I filled the shop with some favorite styles and some new ones….

February wraps up the two month long series of winter millinery in Millinery Monday’s post. Be sure to check those out if you missed them. March will begin a look at the plaster millinery blocks in my collection.

Whimsy Wednesday continues with weekly chats and occasional projects. This past two weeks we made a woven ribbon pin cushion.

Projects: I have several projects rolling around in my head, enough to actually make a list:

● Delayed: Wadded Hood Pattern
● Urgent: The annual numbers thing
● Historic: 1830s stays (Redthreaded pattern tweaked)
● Historic: Straw sewing appropriate clothes to go over the above stays.
● Historic: I keep thinking about that rose stripe sheer

● Functional: Tall necked millinery head (Must find the wood disks)
● Functional:

● Dolls: New Dolls need clothes
● Grape hat, pink roses hat, burgundy roses hat,
● Just for Fun: Pansy pen wiper

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This Weekend’s Millinery

I have two gorgeous pieces to offer this morning.

I am going to start another hat that I may or may not finish tomorrow if I sew through the weekend.

I need to know if people are looking for decorated or undecorated hats and bonnets. I have several decorating ideas that I don’t want to forget. But, if people want some plain hats, I can get those in.

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Unboxing to Cheer my Mood

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