Walnut and Black Straw Bonnet

This beautiful bonnet combines walnut brown and black straw in a classic spoon shape. This bonnet has slightly shorter cheektabs for those who prefer that fit.


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Community Cast Video Day 71

Today’s video includes morning antics and a spontaneous pincushion or cat toy or ornament. You choose.

The basic materials….

How it went together…


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Community Cast Video Day 70

In today’s video a wheee winter bonnet arrives.

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Fancy Brim Walnut Bonnet

This beautiful walnut brown bonnet is edged along the brim with two rows of hand shaped looped plait.

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Community Cast Video Day 69

Today’s video shows how to make a simple pincushion with a patriotic twist.

I notice views have dropped notably. I hope this means people have found things to do and things are going okay. I do know I’ve struggled with content the last couple weeks as I’ve become emotionally and creatively drained. I do want to continue this series and maybe transition into a summer series. But, I need to know what kinds of content you want. Do you want:

  • More show’n’tell
  • More unboxings
  • A series of pincushions
  • A series of pen-wipers
  • A series of doll items
  • More random chat and stories
  • Other things?

Please let me know what you want to see in the comments below.

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Community Cast Video Day 68

Today’s video includes new cdv arrivals.

Here is the tintype with the beaded net. The beads are faintly visible. I am very glad I spotted them while browsing.

Here the beads on the net are more visible with that little phone microscope. I do wish the lens covered a little more space to give a bigger field of view.

Here are a couple other close ups of the same image.

This is the second image that has many accessories.

A couple close ups

The third image seems to have been lost during upload… Trying again….

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Community Cast Video Day 67

Today’s video goes a little awry. The plan is to make a cute, patriotic trinket basket….

Here is the template for the trinket basket:

Trinket basket May 2020

As I mention in the second video, I found holding the sides at an angle made it easier to hold the pieces in place while sewing. 


Here is the final piece in place, held by Wonder Clips. I tucked the blue fabric over the pasteboard and the red in behind it. I used an overcast stitch to close the opening snuggly over the pasteboard.

20200519_090222.jpgHere is my finished Trinket Basket: 


A little something extra today – Hop over the Genesee Country Village’s YouTube Channel for  A look inside the Altay Store at GCVM.


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Community Cast Video Day 66

Today’s video looks at headdresses with dance groups in mind.

As mentioned in the video, here is the Timely Tresses post about making one of the foundation. Notice at the end she links to where you can get kits and finished pieces.

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Community Cast Video Day 65

Today’s video chats about modern projects.

I am working on the ruler holder now.

Please vote bags or couch quilt fot the fabulous leafy fabrics.

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Community Cast Video Day 64

In today’s video I talk about the amazing book that arrived yesterday, my laundry paws, a potential ruler holder project for me, and some of the cute items I’ve seen lately.

The book I am raving about is Headwear: Hats, Bonnets, and Caps from the Hopkins Collection. It is available Here from The School of Historical Dress.

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