This is a fashionable dome crown style in beautiful green wheat straw. The brim is fashionably shaped.

This hat is 20″ around the inside of the crown, suitable for an average to smaller size head. The brim is 10.75″ across.

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September Reflections

It has been many months since I have done a proper monthly reflection. For a brief moment, I thought it would good to do a summer reflection… Then…. Nope…. Just Nope.

Moving on.

September is usually a transition month for me. I switch from summer millinery mindset to fall school mindset with an in between focus on Ag Fair preparation. This year, is of course, quite different. The pandemic adjusted Ag Fair does not include a fair entries component. This means my period of assembling this and that little project is not happening. That being that and the state things being the state of things, I find my mindset is most definitely dwelling in the land of millinery and small joyful crafty projects. This means a great sense of reality disparity is happening.

September Millinery has been minimal due to the great dragging of self through the door at the end of the school day. I think I only made 5 pieces.

I was excited to offer my second project kit, a parasol penwiper. It followed the previous kit, an embroidered velvet needle-book.

I also started this year’s Christmas ornaments- straw cornucopia. These cuties will have their own Whimsy Wednesday how-to episode on how to decorate them.

And then…. there was this past weekend’s Millinery room reorganization…. aka a spurt of energy that had to be taken advantage of.

I have several project and topic ideas for the coming Whimsy Wednesdays. I just need to get them in order and try to time them well for you.

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Whimsy Wednesday – Workroom Tour

For this Whimsy Wednesday I share a rough look at my work space along with the story about its sudden reorganization this past weekend.

I think I forgot to mention in the video the main use of this work space being for examing originals along with some cutting and laying out of projects.

Here is the video I mentioned that prompted me to take the step, then leap into this much needed change. If anyone know Bernadette, please tell her I say thank you for the much needed nudge.

Btw – I think Clara was upset she was no longer able to be part of the to-do. After I finished recording, she just sat on the back of the couch. This tells me I may need to make a Clara spot or stool. I did not think she could make that jump. That will not be a Clara acceptable space.

Coming Soon: A little project that will need a feline-esque or cozy fabric, approx 11″×16″. I will be using a fulled wool, a Family Heirloom Weavers remnant, and a fun quilt shop fabric for each of my samples.

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New hat

This hat reminded me that I don’t make this style enough. I love the combination of the dome crown and the curved brim.

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Whimsy Wednesday

Today’s video is accompanied by several links because it has a lot of “you need to know about this”.

Costume On is the program from this past weekend. Bookmark the site and follow them on FB.

The Genesee Country Village and Museum is offering the Rightfully Hers Webinar Series in October and November on Wednesday evenings.

Corsets and Cravats has just announced an assortment of Virtual Activities in the coming months.

The book I mentioned is Threads of Life: A History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle.

For those interested, here is my ever evolving Books of the Pandemic Wish List. These titles come from virtual sessions I participate in. I keep adding and removing as I am able.

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Announcement – Parasol Pen-wipe Kits Now Available!

I am excited to announce my Limited Edition Parasol Pen-wipe Kits are now available in my Etsy Shop!

Only 8 kits are available.

Each kit contains:

  • Three circles of Valdini wool – pre-pinked on an antique pinking machine
  • A bone crochet hook
  • A string of 2 colors of glass beads
  • A small pinked circle of wool
  • A black and gold cord for hanging
  • A url link to a how-to video (this will be emailed)

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Copper Hat in Shop

Here is the fashionable tapered crown style in beautiful copper straw.

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Whimsy Wednesday

I got a little long winded today….

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Millinery Sale!

You all know I rarely ever do big millinery sales.

But, this year’s return to school has so many of us stressed, depressed, and worried. We deserve a pick-me-up. I would to be able to give everyone a treat. A cheer for me would be sending off all my hats to new homes.

Each of these millinery pieces is 20% off!

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Kits of the Future

The Embroidered Velvet Needle-book Kits have sold out! Thank you to each of you who purchased one. The pdf directions are still available in the In Detail.

I am currently planning the next kit: The Parasol Pen-Wiper, which happens to make an adorable ornament. This kit will also be a limited edition, with only a small number available.

After that, I am pondering a seashell and/or walnut pincushion kit. Would that be something of interest?

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