Community Cast Video Day 15

Today’s video shows how to make a simple workpocket that can have many 21st century uses as well as 19th century.

My “formula” for fabric length:

6 times the height by the width

6(h) x w


For a 3″ high by 4″ wide pocket, cut a 4″ wide by 18″ piece

For a 6″ wide by 4″ high pocket, cut a 6″ wide by 24″ piece

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Community Cast Video Day 14

Today’s video looks at Penny Dolls or Frozen Charlottes. It also shows a sewing tool I’ve wanted for years.

Mentioned in the video:

From The Ohio Democrat and Dover Advertiser, February 28, 1840:

From The Rover, December 1843:

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Community Cast Video Day 13

In today’s video, I show you how to make 2 types of basic pen wipers.

You will need:

  • Dense wool pieces – 4″×8″ for the “pretty” layers, 8″×8″ for the interior layers.
  • A strong needle
  • Thread
  • Optional: embroidery floss or decorative figure


Mentioned in the video:

Chestnut Bay Quilt Shop. Their live Friday Frolic will be this Friday at 7:00. Register here in advance and join us on Facebook for a fun way of buying great fabrics and project kits from home. Oh, and here is a link to see some of their reproduction fabrics. Here are some of the great wools available at Chestnut Bay:

Video highlights index:

  • Day 12 and 13 – pen wipers
  • Day 10 – straw millinery
  • Day 9 – straw motifs
  • Day 8 – hats stands
  • Day 6 – woven thread pin balls
  • Day 4 – some of my pin cushions
  • Day 2 – sewing boxes
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Community Cast Video Day 12

Today’s video includes a look at pen wipers. Join tomorrow to see how to make a basic pen wiper.

Here is a special message from the Doctor.

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Community Cast Video Day 11

Today’s video contains whining and an attempt not to sneeze. It also includes a look at the straw pieces I have been working on.

I am considering changing to evening recordings because I find I am sluggish in the mornings when Clara decides it is time to be awake before my body wants to be awake. Then, I get antsy in the evenings.

Please send me questions or ideas.

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Community Cast Video Day 10

Not feeling so good today thanks to a med side effect. Managed to get a video done, but forgot to talk about the things I was supposed to talk about. Today’s video includes: mumbly grumblings and a doll accessories show ‘n tell.

Please, also take a moment to watch this touching video from the wonderful people at GCCM: Just Take A Moment (this is a facebook link currently. I hope you can see it.)

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I was supposed to introduce this on this morning’s video, but my focus was elsewhere. After much persuading, I finally started a Patreon account.

You can find me under:

A Milliners Whimsy


For those of you new to Patreon, Patreon is a way of supporting artists, artisans, authors, creators, researchers, etc.. by making a monthly gift.

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Community Cast Video Day 9

Today’s video includes: New glasses, my “shopping” experience, a look at antique straw motifs.

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Community Cast Video Day 8

Today’s video contains making hats stands and what boxes I like for home.

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Community Cast Video Day 7

We’ve come to a full week of social isolation here in NY and across the country. I hope everyone is well. This morning’s video is mostly chatting with a look at the pinballs from yesterday. I may add another video later. Please share your pinballs so we can see them. Give me ideas on what you would like to see below in the comments, some Q&A too.

Additional videos

Post excursion

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