What is in the Holiday Shop?

Are you looking for the perfect historically accurate or fun, historically inspired gift?

My Holiday Shop, inside my Etsy shop, is now open. In my Holiday Shop you will find historically accurate and historically inspired items ideal for gift giving. Don’t worry, it is okay to buy for yourself as well.

Here is a look at what you can find. I will be adding items as I finish them. I will try to mark what is sold out as that happens.

Work-Pockets Filled with Sewing or Hair Essentials.

These work-pockets make a grear stocking stuffer gift as they are, or you can add your own gift. They happen to be just the right size for gift cards.

Whimsical Heart Pin Keeps

This whimsical heart pin keep was inspired by an original piece in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s collection. When I saw the shape, I was just swept away. It is so beautiful.

The velvet keep holds a couple dozen pins suitable for dressing.

I will have ornaments in this shape as well.

Oval Silk Pin Keeps

These simple oval pin keeps highlights the pretty silks covering them. Each holds a couple dozen pins suitable for dressing.

Velvet Scissors Holders

These were popular this past weekend, so I will beed to make more. These scissors holders come in two sizes. The outside is a cotton velvet, while the inside is silk. Each is beaded simply.


By request, I have a larger, practically shaped yet still pretty needle-book. These needle-books span 4 inches and have two wool pages cut on my pinking machine. Some are paired with a pin keep for easy selection.

Walnut Pin Cushions

I listened and made sure there would be a few walnut pin cushions.


Coming soon! This year I will be offering a fun, yet still historically accurate twist on the very popular strawberries.

Woven Ribbon Pin Cushions

I have a very limited number of woven ribbon pin cushions to offer. These are such pretty cushions. I know some people are putting them in their trees.


I may have gone a little over-board with the ornaments this year. I have 3 kinds for sale and a special one from Clara. You can find strawberry ornaments, whimsical beaded velvet hearts, and miniature straw hats in my shop.

My Etsy Shop

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This Season’s Winter Millinery 

The winter hoods I am making this fall to winter season are based on original garments in my collection. 

For those in an area with windy, blustery winters, this first hood is a great option. The original comes forward of the face with long lappet like cheektabs. It was made with a dark green wool exterior and bright pink inside. I will be offering this hood in both wool as the original and in silk as many similar originals are made, including another with the same shape and color combination. This hood is also available adps a pattern in my Etsy shop.

This next hood is a sweet hood formerly in Vivian Murphy’s collection. I am quite lucky to be able to care for several hoods previously in her collection. This sweet hood has a light green wool exterior and gold silk interior. The shapes used to make it are beautiful. This hood also can fold forward to protect the face from the elements. I will be offering this hood in wool and in silk with various trims in period techniques.

Functional and popular is this, a warmer, thicker batted bonnet style. This brim is shallower and oh-so soft to wear. The quilted bavolet protects the neck from the cold and snow. I will be primarily offering this style in silk with local wool batting inside. 

Dont worry, I haven’t forgotten the well loved wadded, or pumpkin bonnet. This thickly wadded silk bonnet is filled with wool. It is so and warm, protecting the wearer from the coldest of winters. I will be offering a few of these this winter in silk. 

Please visit my Etsy shop to see what is available. I expect to offer a bonnet every other week or so. I have some beautiful silks to work with and some really lovely wools. 

Welcome to my Christmas Holiday Shop

This year, I created a special Christmas Holiday Shop for your gift giving browsing pleasure. I will fill this section of my Etsy shop though0ut the next few weeks. I will leave it open through Twelfth Night. *Note – Millinery will still be found in the Millinery sections.

Some of what you can find:

Sea Shell Pin Cushions & Emeries

Sea shells and sea shell shapes were quite popular during almost the whole span of the Victorian era. Girls’ amusement books gave directions for shell pin cushions, needle-books and boxes. Original sea shell pin cushions and emeries were made out of a variety of shells.

Strawberry Emeries

Tasty and practical, strawberry emery cushions were a popular addition to the nineteenth century sewing box. I am offering both velvet and wool strawberries filled with emery to keep your needles sharp. Some are capped with wool leaves while others have metal leaves.

Paisley Pin Balls

You know I love pin balls as well as Paisley. This series of pin balls are made with Paisley wool remnants and stuffed with local hand combed wool. (Pictures and listings coming.)

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Today’s Millinery – Fancy Edge Hat

Today, I offer a millinery piece I have looked forward to making and I am having a hard time letting go of. It will be available in my Etsy shop as soon as I pick the price and hit the button.

IMG_9027This hat is trimmed in a fancy vintage plait. I have all of the plait that was offered, but there wasn’t much of it. It combined a scroll of twisted straw threads and arrangements of flat straw.

This stylish fashion hat is made with a beautiful natural straw with speckling in the plait and a vintage fancy straw edge.

The crown is flat on the top. It is sized to fit an average size head. The brim is fashionably shaped, dipping in the front and back.

**Full disclosure – The fancy straw plait is backed with a faux horsehair that did not exist in the 19th century. I have stiffened the fancy plait to hold the shape of the hat. I highly suggest not wearing it in the rain or holding the hat by the edge.**



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Paisley, Plaid, and Purled: Shawls of the Mid-Nineteenth Century

PPandP book coverNow Available!!!

Exclusively as an Ebook in my Etsy Shop!!!

At long last, I offer you Paisley, Plaid, and Purled: Mid-Nineteenth Century Shawls. I am very excited to finally share my extensive research on mid-century shawls began over a decade ago.

PP&P is 120+ pages long looking at each of the shawls worn during the mid-nineteenth century, including the Civil War era. Learn about the types of shawls, where they came from and how they were worn along with much, much more.

PP&P includes over two dozen CDVs displaying period shawls, photos and illustrations. It also includes over 30 original directions for shawls including sewn and knit shawls.

1. Introduction & Methodology
2. Shawl Culture
3. The Shawls
4. Domestically Made Shawls
5. Shawls for Living History
Bibliography & End Notes
Appendix Including a Glossary of Terms, Manufacturing, Production, and Tariff Statistics, and Exhibition Examples.

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Paisley, Plaid, and Purled…..Coming New Year’s Day

PPandP book cover

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Announcement: Paisley, Plaid & Purled Going Digital!!!

PPandP book cover

I have decided to release Paisley, Plaid, & Purled: Mid-Nineteenth Century Shawls as a digital publication.

I will be locking myself away during my Thanksgiving recess (and possibly Christmas recess) to reformat for the digital release.

Paisley, Plaid, & Purled will be exclusively available through my Etsy store come the new year.

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Fanchons for 1865

There are only two Fanchon bonnets left in my Etsy store.

Here are a few finishing ideas.


The Ultimate Winter Wind Hood

IMG_5679 Here we are, the first bonnet of 2015.

This winter hood is taken directly from an original in my collection. The original is a dark, royal blue on the outside with black silk on the inside. I went all black for this one. This is one of those hoods where I really wanted to know why it went together the way it did. IMG_5694 All the measurements are as exact as I could get. I kept with the original seam construction as well, right down to the use of salvage which I’ve come to love for its great reduction in bulk. I did make two additional changes besides the color. The original has a piece of half inch broken cane. As it is only a fragment and the pinholes that previously held it only showing in a small area, I could not determine exactly where it ran. I have not included that. There is a piece of black ribbon attached flat along the bavolet seam on the outside that is just off. I suspect it was either added later to cover pinholes from where a decorative ribbon was placed or to cover wear. (Here is the Etsy link.)

IMG_5701Now, I’m sure you are wondering why I’m calling this “The Ultimate Winter Wind Hood.” When I finished it and tried it on, I was greatly impressed by how wind resistant this hood is. The brim comes very forward of the face. At the same time, the ribbons inside the brim draw the interior of the hood down around the head, holding it snuggly and comfortably in place. The photo to the left an show you sort-of how those ribbons draw the interior down.

IMG_5697The bavolet that appears flat and rather long is just right for keeping the wind off the neck. It sits right around the neck so to not let the wind catch underneath.

Trying it on was truly a moment of understanding.

IMG_5692Back to the exterior, you’ll see an interesting combination of quilting. All the quilting is made of diagonal stripes spaced at 1.25″. But, the front of the brim and where it turns under to the inside the quilting makes diamonds, while the mid to back section of the brim is simply diagonal stripes. I happen to really like the way the look comes together. The bavolet and tip both have the full diamonds. (I can tell you, this is a lot of quilting.) IMG_5685

For 2015, I’m going to try to share the time and materials for projects. (which I know may be a little weird since many of the pieces will be available for purchase. But, I really like how others share their numbers on their blogs and for challenges.) So, here we go…

  • research and drafting – I didn’t count.
  • Cutting, marking, quilting and sewing – 19 hours
  • Approx 2/3 yard of black silk taffeta
  • Approx 2/4 yard of 1/2″ wool batting doubled
  • 4 yards of 1/2″ black silk taffeta ribbon
  • 1 yard of 1 1/4″ vintage black silk faille ribbon
  • Black cotton thread which I almost ran out of.

The Winner of the 12 Days Of “Christmas” Give-Away

December 1I hope you have all enjoyed my 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away.

The Winner is:

Lisa Lindsey



For the First Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. A blue paisley sewing box

For the Second Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. A Bodkin to go in your sewing box

For the Third Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. A Thread Winder to go in your sewing box

For the Fourth Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. A Decorative Sewing Wax for in your sewing box

For the Fifth Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. Add a Pin Ball to hold your pins

For the Sixth Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. A Wooden Needle-Case

For the Seventh Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. Now that your sewing box is full…. You might want to make something of your own. In that case, you will need some Pretty Period Cottons.

For the Eighth Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. You will want a Bundle of Silks as well

For the Ninth Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. You will need some Paste Board to work with

For the Tenth Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. You have to have some Templates for Needle-books

For the Eleventh Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away….. Of course, you will need some Wool for Pages


For the Twelfth Day of the the 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away…..