Welcome to my Christmas Holiday Shop

This year, I created a special Christmas Holiday Shop for your gift giving browsing pleasure. I will fill this section of my Etsy shop though0ut the next few weeks. I will leave it open through Twelfth Night. *Note – Millinery will still be found in the Millinery sections.

Some of what you can find:

Sea Shell Pin Cushions & Emeries

Sea shells and sea shell shapes were quite popular during almost the whole span of the Victorian era. Girls’ amusement books gave directions for shell pin cushions, needle-books and boxes. Original sea shell pin cushions and emeries were made out of a variety of shells.

Strawberry Emeries

Tasty and practical, strawberry emery cushions were a popular addition to the nineteenth century sewing box. I am offering both velvet and wool strawberries filled with emery to keep your needles sharp. Some are capped with wool leaves while others have metal leaves.

Paisley Pin Balls

You know I love pin balls as well as Paisley. This series of pin balls are made with Paisley wool remnants and stuffed with local hand combed wool. (Pictures and listings coming.)

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