A Monday Morning Smile

This morning, after a silly unfolding of Monday-morning-pre-caffeine happenings, I stumbled upon a delightful video featuring my Lappet style Quilted Winter Hood.

I don’t know if I am more thrilled by how Marie introduced my digital pattern or that she chose it for the role as Beth’s hood.

Please, hop over to Historic Belle’s channel and check out her other videos.

Then, I stumbled onto another video.

This video features a piece of past work in the first half as she strips and re-trims a straw bonnet from my workbook.

Nearly two decades ago now, I created a Straw Bonnet Workbook for local weekend long workshops making straw bonnets. I made the workbook available in print, then digitally. The workbook showed how to make a handsewn straw bonnet using straw plait. A handful of years ago, I took the directions down as I felt they were out of date with my current research & techniques, and needed to be updated. With all the things that are life, that project has fallen through the cracks.

Seeing this video, more specifically, the work put into the bonnet, re-writing my straw bonnet workbook has moved up my project list.

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