Adventuring into 2023

Easing into 2023, I have developed a few goals for the coming year. While each is a goal with 6 challenges, the true goal may be to find the right balance as the year progresses. This year, I want to:

  • Better meet the needs of my readers and clients.
  • Identify and attract new readers and clients.
  • Better meet my needs. (This is a big balance thing as I do need more “me” time as well as more nature and social time.)
  • Write more
  • Enjoy what I do.


As part of these goals, I plan to provide more consistent and balanced content on my blogs and Patreon. This will include posts on the topics readers have responded they want: millinery,  fancy work, events & interpretation,  and contextual writing. I am going to use theme days to help remind myself to post:

  • Millinery Monday  – New and Past informative posts about straw millinery.
  • Work-in-Progress Wednesday – Post about what I am currently work on.
  • Fancy Work Friday – Victorian fancy work projects such as pin cushions, pen wipes, book marks, etc., featuring original items and projects.

I scheduled much of the year’s foundation of Millinery Monday posts. I will be working up to more Fancy Work Friday posts. I am considering reserving new shop posts for the weekend.i haven’t decided yet.


I don’t have much of a project list developed yet for the year. What I have so far:

  • Complete the Quilted Hood Workbook – This will be a format similar to my Wadded Hood Workbook to replace my first Quilted Hood Pattern.
  • Super secret Ag Fair project.
  • A couple of items using straw plait including two different straw workbags and slippers.
  • Possibly an 1850s reform dress ensemble.


Not too many local events have been announced with dates yet. I am currently restricted by how far my aging car will go. I am hoping this year will include GCVM events of Opening Weekend, Mother’s Day, the Antique Show, Chocolate Weekend, Independence Day, and a few others, plus maybe some other small local events.

I would also like to add a couple workshops or discussions/presentations. Those responding to my survey showed a strong interest in virtual programs and in-person programs. I need to develop these on the logistical end.

As with this type of post, I may come back and add to it as new ideas develop. Thank you for your continued support.

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