Holiday Happenings

This post will cover the coming holiday season while acting as a bit of a brain dumb for me.

In a week and a half, I will be out at GCVM’s Preparing for Winter event. This year, I will be talking about types of winter hoods worn to keep heads warm. I’ll be bringing an assortment of reproduction winter hoods to display and talk about. This means, this coming weekend I need to get all those winter hoods out and ready, along with some heads or stands. I do need to double check that my warmer red basque fits as it has been a while. Violet will be accompanying me as well so she can demonstrate how the Princess Capote is worn.

I need to get Bonnie ready for Yuletide, which comes quickly after Thanksgiving. She will have a decorative roll in the village. Meanwhile, I will be talking about homemade gifts of the nineteenth century during the open
house Sundays. I’ve been adding to that interpretation over the last few weeks.

In the shop…. On the drive home from work I was thinking through the rest of the November sewing plan. I think I came up with a good plan. While I have most of the items I was planning to fill my shop with, I have a few more items to make. I will dabble each day on a couple pin balls and sewing cases. Those will be added to the shop as I complete them. I will also be sewing some straw pieces that I will hold until Thanksgiving week. Though, looking at the calendar, that is getting closer and closer.

Currently, the shop is filled with a combination of interpretation focused gift items and whimsical decoration gift items.

I started a new video series for the season: A Little Whimsy for the Holidays. This crafty series focuses on making simple, mostly sewn, decorations and ornaments. The vast majority of these can be made with odds and ends from the craft stash. The introductory episode covers three of my favorite techniques for making basic ornaments. The second is adding a second fabric layer to one of those bases. The coming third will be a mini scrap garland good for a wreath or smaller tree.

Do remember:

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