Belated October Reflections

And suddenly it was November, 4 days in.

I’ve been so busy with some many nifty things, I completely missed the October reflections.

Sometime in October, that creative part of my brain caught a breath and reclaimed its space from the school stressed part that was simply taking up too much space.

I hunkered down during the long weekend and caught up on some long delayed writing. I finished up, I mean I finally finished up the Wadded Winter Hood Workbook. I also worked on an other winter hood pattern. That just has a few details left to wrap up before it is available soon. Don’t miss my blog post on choosing a winter hood.

Next, I wrote the latest edition of In Detail that focuses on two pen-wipers using frozen Charlotte dolls. I really can’t decide which I like working with more, pen-wipers or tiny dolls.
I made just a couple millinery pieces.

My focus for the end of the month was to get some items in the shop for the holidays. I had the idea for the Gifts Filled Pockets in mind since June. I was getting pretty (good) anxious about all the bits and pieces together for them. I was delighted to see them come together all wrapped up in their tissue paper. I am doubly so seeing that there are only 2 left!

Pockets complete, next came ornaments. I have two for this year. First are the shadow heart cats that come in trios. Next, in the works, are plaid cats who will be getting eyes and bows still. I think they will be available in pairs as a big with a little and littles together.

I had some fun making pen-wipers with straw nests. I really enjoyed making the eggs.

I had decided this year’s feature sewing accessory would be the Pin Ball with an assortment of pin balls available. I need to get those photographed and up in the shop.

Seeing the response to the gift filled pockets, I decided I would make a few sewing cases with a few sewing accessories.

I was able to purchase a new document camera with Patreon funds. It will be arriving soon. This camera will act as an overhead camera for filming my hands as I do projects and give a better view of original items I share. I will be doing more crafty how-to videos like this first A Little Whimsy for the Holidays video, just with a better camera.

Looking Ahead

  • Preparing for Winter is a two day event this year. I will be focusing on winter hoods with a display of different styles worn during the the cold months of the nineteenth century. Violet will be accompanying me to demonstrate how some styles were worn.
  • Yuletide Open House will span three Sundays this year. I will be sharing the many handmade gifts made during the century with a focus on items that could be made by children or families. Bonnie will also be attending Yuletide elsewhere in the village.
  • A Little Whimsy for the Holidays will continue with videos of various holiday decorations and crafts.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of you who support my work through Etsy, Patreon, and simply reading or watching. I appreciate each of you.

The support from Patreon has paid for the platform for my blogs this year as well as video editing and the new camera. Support on Patreon and through my Etsy shop help me make ends meet financially. The “spikes” in reads or views on my blogs or YouTube bright my day.

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