September Reflections

What do you mean it is September?

What do you mean September is over?

To be honest, I feel like I zombied my way through September. The month is wrapping up while I still haven’t wrapped my head around it starting. The past many days feel like a blurry fog of work.

I need to apologize for not posting Whimsy Wednesday videos. I find I simultaneously have nothing to say and too much to say all while being just too exhausted from school. By the way, the latter too much is just a bunch of whining. I don’t want to fill videos with whining, nor do I want them to just be shop updates. Despite starting fall with the idea of filling fall and winter with fun projects in the videos, I have fallen flat. I hope to pull myself back together and get back to recording. I am considering more “as I sew” type videos because I’ve received some compliments on how calming they are.

At the beginning of September, I announced my new line of Whimsy Witch Hats. These playful wool hats now come as full size hats to wear, mini hats, pin cushions, and mini straw hats.

As far as 19th century millinery, I managed to sew one lone straw hat this month….

I did make a few winter millinery pieces. But, those are headed to a particular new home. Maybe I’ll get some photos there.

Looking Ahead…..

I am looking forward to Ag Fair, the Agricultural Society Fair at the Genesee County Village this coming weekend. Long time readers know this is a life long favorite event. This year’s entry list is short but with basis.

I think I need to find one nice outing for later in October as I don’t want that month disappearing the way September did.

After that comes the shift to focusing on the holiday season. I hope to attend Preparing for Winter and the Yultide Open House, both at GCVM. There is an event at Granger Homestead that caught my attention, a Homestead Holiday Village. If you are wondering, I do have a nice gifting idea in mind for the shop. I just have to figure out if I can pull it off.

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