Whimsy Wednesday & June Reflecttions

If you’ve been watching or reading for a while, you may get a giggle out of today’s video. Midday I came home from my errands and hit a giant, fluffy pillow of “nope” “na” “done”. I suspect this delayed summer crashing was finally triggered by last night’s printer incident. Finally, sometime around noon I found myself not wanting to sew, stretched out on the couch enjoying an audiobook.

June Reflections:

Looking back to the beginning of June, I released my newest kit: A Corded Ball Pin Cushion. I think this makes my third kit (parasol pen wipe and embroidered velvet needle-book being the first and second.) There was a nice response with all but 5 kits being sold quickly.

Patreon supporters received a special edition of In Detail on one of my favorites from An American Girls Book.

In the fog of what was June, I seem to have made several millinery pieces:

Coming up in July:

  • Independence Day at GCVM: This event brings be back to my first volunteer experiences at the museum with the parade and picnicking. I will be dressing in Regency attire (assuming I finish my bonnet and my dress still fits.)
  • Chocolate Day at GCVM: Bonnie the BonBon doll will be in attendance again. I will be doing a tbd chocolate themed demonstration. I will be dressing in 1830s attire.
  • Civil War Living History at GCVM: I will be presenting on women’s employment through the millinery industry, both ways women earned money away from the home and from home.
  • Millinery: My goal is to make 4 pieces each week, hopefully with one decorated piece.

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  1. I’d love to see your presentation about employment in millinery but I’m too far away😞.

  2. Curious as to the input from last year’s question about what readers invision a millinery establishment to be like. I would also love to see yours in action, but am likewise too far away. Glad your school year has successfully concluded.

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