October Reflections

Yet another month has gone by in a fog and we find ourselves at the end of October…..Do I sound a bit dismal?
Wait a second…. The great spell and grammar check tells me dismal must be spelled with an “s”. Well, I can tell you the current state of being says dizmal feels like it should be spelled with a “z” and possibly multiple “zzz”s at that.
While many have taken delight in seasonal terrors this month brings under the guise of festiveness, I have eyed numbers of all sorts with my own version of trepidation and terrors.
On the upside…. I managed not to sleep my way through this month.
The month started out with a much needed escape to the nineteenth century during the annual visit to the Agricultural Society Fair. Good wares and food were to be had.
I met my goal of making a minimum of 4 straw millinery pieces this month. This included a walnut brown straw high crown late Victorian hat, a black straw dome crown Civil War era hat, a green straw dome crown with fun brown and green vining edge, and a green straw bonnet to finish the month off.

As part of my Share the Spirit initiative, I shared my Clara’s Christmas Friends project during Whimsy Wednesday and added a few Strawberry Pincushions to the Etsy shop.

I am wrapping up the month with a new found fondness for witch hats. I tried my hand at a few styles during the weekend. This resulted in enough hats to display my inner witch ach day of the week.

This weekend I will be preparing my display and project items for Preparing for the Holidays. I’ll be adding all the warm snuggly layers to my basket: wool stockings, wool petticoat, quilted petticoat, knit waistcoat, wristlets, and warm hoods.

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