Updated: Pillow Pin Ball

As my In Detail series has developed, I decided to update the original “Recovery Project” publication to fit with the In Detail series.

This In Detail is particularly special to me as it was initially my recovery project after a stubbornly delayed gallbladder surgery that resulted in a hospital stay. This Pillow Pin Ball, then called the Pillow Pincushion, became a way to nurse my hands back to health. You see, awaking from the second surgery, I discovered my hands to be a mess from less than ideal IVs. I found I could sew one little square pillow at a time before my hands would tire out. Eventually, I worked up to being able to sew the pillows together into the pin ball. The photos in the original Recovery Project publication were taken on my lap, on a green foam cushion.

I offered this project for a short time that summer as I recovered. The following winter, I had to make it available again as little miss Clara decided to follow suit with a feline version of emergency abdominal surgery.

The support I received each time, both emotionally and financially, is something I will never forget. I thank you.

Fast forward to now, this pillow pin ball is dear to me. As much as I feel connected to the photos on the funny green background, I decided to update the look of the publication and Etsy listing. The new In Detail: The Pillow Pin Ball version has a full page format in the In Detail lay out, with the original photos and directions.

I think it looks pretty cute with its golden silk and green stripe border.

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