Antiques Straw Motifs

I am feeling a bit sad this evening. So, I decided to work on a pick-me-up project that had been waiting to be done.

Some months ago, I got talking with an Etsy merchant in Italy who had an assortment of antique and vintage millinery goods. She told me about these antique straw motifs she had. As I’ve been aspiring to learn to make some of these for a display, I jumped at the idea of having original pieces.

I was very excited to find this beautiful case made by the same local craftsman who makes my Shake style boxes. I really like how the wood is pale with a grain that nearly matches the straw. I also like that the box has no visible hardware; the back slides out as the opening. I can hang the box, but I am afraid of it being knocked off the wall.

I pinned each straw piece in place so it wouldn’t slide around. The heads of the pins are bent to bracked the pieces as best as possible. I may label them with little letters or number. I may do a map label instead. Tbd.

These are each leafs made with splits straw. I’ve learned to make the plain leaves. They are called Spreuerli. I am going to try the leaf with the thread loops next. The bottom right is called a Halmenschüfeli. It represents a head wheat.

These are made with straw threads. The straw is split finely and twisted into threads.

These are types of buttons. The split straw is wrapped around a core that can be wood or wool. The teardrop one is called a Grelot. I don’t know if the one made from straw threads has a name.

*Names of the straw motifs come from the old Straw Museum website on the Swiss Straw Lace page.

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