Grandma Would Have Liked That

You know when you get an idea stuck in your head and you just can’t shake it? Or, when you have an idea of exactly what you want for something, yet can not tangibly illustrate it for others?

Well, circling between those two mental states is where I’ve been for the last week and a half.

I hadn’t had time or energy to think through what I wanted to do new with the millinery display this year beyond shifting the main table to the right. Then, the morning after school was out, I woke with the idea:

I need a ribbon shelf.

Not just any shelf would do. It had to be the shelf. And….. it had to fit the era… it had to fit the space…. it had to be easy to transport safely…. it had to be in a tiny budget. Oh, and it had to be found within a week of the coming event because I hate changes last minute.

I spent the first week of my summer recess telling myself “today I am going to stay home working,” yet, I would find myself heading to just one more antique shop. I tried each of the ones in town. I tried 7 in Mt Morris. I nearly passed out in one too hot. I almost got hit by a truck crossing the road. I gave the search one last shot at the flea market.

No luck.

Every shelf I saw was too big, too small, too heavy, too painted, too oily, too late, too pricy….. too this, too that.

After Sunday’s walk about the flea market, I resigned myself to not getting a shelf. I would make a tower of hat boxes in the corner instead. I started thinking through my band boxes, which to bring, which were not the right paper, it’s too late to buy paper, it is too expensive to buy good paper, should I paint some…

Hey, have I mentioned I am an obsessive planner and run through every detail over and over?

Yup. I am.

Then, today was my much needed massage appointment. After a quick run to the cemetery and museum, I was 20 minutes early to my appointment. Right next door is a lovely antique shop.

This happens to be the location of one of my favorite antique shops where the own used to allow me to spend time looking at the original pieces she got in. She has since retired. When the shop was gone, the building seemed so lonely. Now that it is an antique shop again, it is much happier.

I decided to pop inside just for a quick look just in case but highly doubtful since they sell really nice things.

I told the owner what I had been looking for. She said they had just sold the perfect thing, but they might have something else. As I browsed, she told her husband what I was looking for. He disappeared into the back room. He was gone for a bit, so I figured it was another no.

He came back out with a corner shelf.

My first thought was “Grandma would have liked that.”

With that thought, I was done.

It was tall, yet not too tall. It was light weight. It was a Victorian style, yet not too late. It had shelves that would hold lots of ribbon and show them off…

I was happy and sad at the same time. It was pretty with its turned spindles, finials, hand done bits, and wanting to glow wood. Yet, I was sure it would be too much.

I took a breath and asked how much.

It was in budget!!!!

I pulled out my summer allowance and bought the shelf.

While I had my massage the owners cleaned up my shelf. She was set on getting off a spot of paint and a mark of paper. He was set on dusting it well. Above and beyond.

They asked me to take a photo when it has all the ribbons on it. Of course, I will be happy to.

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  1. Very nice.

  2. What a lovely shelf! Sounds like 20 minutes well spent!

  3. Its a beautiful shelf! I’m so glad you finally found the perfect one!

  4. Looks like something my Dad would have made for me. Great find!

  5. I have my mother’s piece that is almost identical to yours. She called it her ‘what not.’ I hope you enjoy yours as much as we have enjoyed ours.

  6. I love it my Grandma had one like it also.

  7. My father made one almost identical unit for his mother in high school woodshop in the 1930s. It was one of the the few things of hers/ his I took from her home. And it houses my doll collection on the stair landing. It is a treasure. Hope yours gives you much joy to look at it and see the careful hours of work and craft that created it.

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