February Reflections

For being the shortest month, I got a lot of millinery sewing done. Okay, for being any month, I got a lot of millinery sewing done. I made a total of 12 straw millinery pieces this month. Six of those pieces were hats for the Etsy shop. The other six pieces were a special set of three hats and three bonnets for the Victoria’s Closet exhibit at the Wehle Gallery at the Genesee Country Village and Museum. This year the exhibit focuses on the 1850s

This month I was determined to make a dent in the sewing/millinery room, which was still almost entirely in boxes. I unpacked almost all of the millinery blocks. The wooden blocks live in the former fabric cabinet. The plaster blocks moved out to the hallway bookshelf. While I am still not in love with the bookshelf being in the hallway, I do really like seeing the plaster bonnet blocks lined up on one of the shelves.

February recess allowed for a day designated to a great purge of sewing materials. I emptiedeach box and tote, sorting and separating. Paper bags now line the dresser, each with people’s
names on them. Several empty boxes went to recycling, along with two bags for the garbage. I have two boxes, two bags, and some miscellaneous stuff packed up for donation. Some of the
sorting got emotional because there are a couple boxes I hadn’t opened since New Mexico.There was ugly crying there.

For my birthday, I allowed myself to buy one doll. At first glance, she is a rather odd-ball doll with proportions that just seem off. On closer look, she is a much repaired doll. Her upper torso appears to be the oldest and maybe, possibly original to her pretty head. From her waist down, she was repaired in a sorta added onto way once or twice. At some point she go bulky legs that are what really throw her scale off. Her stockings are hand made. Somewhere in the whole process, she got new arms as well. Since it looks like her head was glued on after her arms, I am not even sure if her head belonged to this pieced body. So, I keep changing my mind on whether to leave her head on this body or make her a new one that will let her sit with the other dolls. (she can’t sit right now.)

I am working on figuring out how to make my own plaster blocks. I thought this would be a sensible replacement for the carved foam blocks that just don’t hold up. Not so much. This process I thought would not take long has become a month long process that still is not done. “Dries in 24 hours” is far from an accurate statement. I’ll get into the details in a seperate post….When they are finished.

I did do a quick modern project. A year or two ago, I discovered I like pillows made fromsweaters. So, I picked up two springy sweaters from Goodwill to make pillows out of. The white
one is ridiculously soft. Love it.

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