State of the Sewing Address

Some how it is October. This past week the weather shifted. i found myself cold and in want of sweaters. The sweaters are still packed away, by the way. Yesterday morning, the sky turned read and breaking light was tinted an eerrie pink.

This weekend is the Agricultural Society Fair at the museum. You know this is one of my favorite events. This year, I have been looking forward to it even more than usual because it had been marking a sort of end post for this moving mess. Well, with the more recent developments, that I have decided Not to talk about yet, that end post is going to be rest somewhere in the future. I only have two entries this year. I don’t think Mom is entering. Oh, and to add to my “but, but, but fair” whine…. I caught school germs. Come on. What do you think is going to happen when you cram All the people with All their germs into a smelly gym for an hour to scream and cheer, just 4 weeks into the germ exchange season school year?

But, on to what you want to hear about… … sewing

I finally started sewing this week.


I am starting out with general sewing because I don’t have all my materials or millinery blocks out yet. I also haven’t figured out where I am going to dry pieces as I still have to buy a washer and dryer. My hope is to have two or three hats sewn and headed to my shop this weekend, then start working on my waiting list. I plan to sew straw straight through the winter rather than switch to working on winter millinery for the season.

I do have an important request – The photos I took in July at the museum (Mumford) disappeared out of my phone during the last update. These included the photos of people wearing the types of hats and bonnets they want. I am a Very visual person. If you have photos of you or your friend who wanted a particular piece, please let me know.


I have several great ideas for the coming Holiday Shop. This year I will be offering a special Christmas Ornament! I am working on these now. I know several of you have been waiting for something like this for a few years. I hope you love them.

I am also making an assortment of these pretty little pockets. I will be filling them with goodies – either sewing notions or hair necessities. Some will be available for you to fill as you like. They are just the right size for a gift card, a piece of jewelry, or other small token.

I will be offering an assorment of sewing accessories. There is a great scissors case I have drafted. I need to get out my tote of velvets to work those. I know you will love these. Of course there will be a few fun pin cushions.

I have this wacky idea that I want to use the pinking machines for a Christmas ornament. There will be a few of those whimsical pretties.

Which brings me to….

Pinking Party

I ahve decided to have a Pinking Party. The date isnyet to be determined. I am going to try to have it at home if I can figure out the parking. Lots of tables with lots of pinking machines. This will be a local thing for local friends. If it goes well, maybe I will do another elsewhere.

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  1. I want to be your Neighbor!

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