Tonight’s Millinery 

This copper brown straw soft crown bonnet features Silk velvet ribbon stripes on the sheer organza soft crown, while vintage rayon ribbon edges the sheer organza bavolet. Vintage velvet pansies fill the copper straw brim. 

    Many find soft crown bonnets to be the most comfortable bonnets they wear. 

    Find it in my Etsy shop.

    • Copper straw plait
    • Black silk organza
    • Black cotton net
    • 3+ yards of vintage silk and vintage rayon velvet ribbon
    • 3 yards of lush black satin vintage ribbon 
    • Cotton sateen ties
    • Cotton lining
    • Silk organza frill
    • 3 bunches of vintage velvet pansies, plus a little bit more
    • 5 hours of hand sewing straw & wire, 8 hours of finishing and decorating.
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