A Week of Sewing Cases #1

Over “spring” break, in quotes due to the utter lack of warmth ending in an icy snow storm, I finally got around to working on the larger sewing boxes that have been on my to-do list thanks to the nudge a presentation the weekend following. The week was thus filled with working on sewing boxes and cases.

Here is the early 19th century sewing box I picked up last summer for a very nice price due it needing some tlc. It has pretty little mother of pearl inlays.


It was stripped of its interior when I bought it. The lid appears to have been changed at one point because that panel is rough and sorta beveled shaped. The brown tray is my attempt last summer at recovering it in velvet. While I loved how it came out…. one small problem…. it didn’t fit right.

I wanted to find a paper that would be true to the blue paper inside, assuming it was original, but I am not sure. I found a maker of beautiful, handmade marbelized paper, who found me two matching papers. I love the colors and the swirl density.

I started with making panels on pasteboard to cover the bottoms. (second guessing this because this is were the warping came in.) While the panels dried, I covered the sides. One of the tray supports popped right out. One was stuck tight. It was much, much easier to do the one that popped out. Once the sides were in and dry, the bottoms were able to go in.

I decided to do the tray in the paper with the dividers still in the velvet. This is because I cut and sanded the dividers, a pretty cherry, to fit with the velvet inside. I was afraid if I did the dividers in just paper, they would be too loose. You’ll also see the strip of metal sticking up. I wanted to see if I could insert these strips back into the tray. I had 2 and most of 1. I was not able to. 😦 I have them in the bottom of the box in case I figure out how to insert them. (Tried slitting the paper with a knife in one spot. It didn’t work.)

There are a few spots I am not happy with. There was some puckering and just paper unprettiness. The lock measurement must have been off.

Here it is finished, ready for tools.


This one will display the antique sewing tools for the presentation.


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  1. Very nice.

  2. So lovely! I think the design on the paper is just perfect for this.

  3. Oh my goodness, that blue paper!!! How spectacular! It’s very cool to see the update on this sweet box.

  4. Love, love, LOVE all of your new sewing cases!! That blue is just fantastic! I sure wish I could have snuck into see your presentation for the 140th’s seminar. Hopefully this will be a repeat presentation? Or at least that we’ll get to see these in person during the upcoming season…Keep inspiring us!

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