Today’s Millinery

Today, I have three hats to share, one garden hat and two doll hats. Each are available in my Etsy shop.

Garden or Croquet Hat, Trimmed in Lilac Purple Velvet

EDIT TO ADD: Take a look at this photo. I saw it after making the hat. It makes me want to do another, with beads this time.

This fashionable hat will be perfect for a mid-nineteenth century garden party or game of croquet. Made of a narrow, light color natural straw, this hat’s brim curves down all the way around. It is trimmed with Violet Purple velvet ribbon.

The ribbon is one of Hyman Hendler‘s taffeta back velvet ribbons. While this is a modern fiber ribbon, it is a quality ribbon. I believe it is color #609 Violet.

Inside, the crown is lined with a white cotton sateen ribbon. I added cotton sateen ties to tie behind your hair.

This hat fits my average head that measures 21.5″ around at the hairline. It may fit larger and smaller heads slightly differently.

Fashionable Doll Hat

Cali loves this hat with its shapely brim dipping in front of her face. She suggests it be worn by a doll with a similar size head (9 3/8″) or slightly larger. She also recommends a lining and ribbon ties to help it stay on.

Small Doll Hat

Cali is holding the next hat because it is far to small for her. This small hat best for a doll with a 5″ or 6″ head. The crown is about 6″ around inside. Cali suggests a lining and ribbon ties for under the hair to help it stay on your doll’s head.

**Cali is also telling me it is far past time for her to wear something  other than her Christmas dress.**

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