Why This is Good…. Looking at Clothing

Some posts stand the test of time. This is one of those cases. Many people took the time to contribute to “Why This is Good…. Looking at Clothing”, it is well worth sharing again. With the many posts I am seeing from people new to the era, I hope this helps. 

There are two files – A smaller printable version and a larger Power Point. Each are attached in as PDFs for easy viewing. (Though it looks like the notes for the PP are not visible.)

Why This is a Good Impression – PDF

Why This is Good Impression Visual Extended Power Point

You will notice in the smaller file there are specific types of impressions I wanted to add but didn’t get around to. How life can distract.

If you are in an image you did not submit, feel flattered because someone thought you had a really great impression. If you want it removed, let me know.

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