Ornaments for the 19th Century Inspired Tree

Are you looking for ornaments to make this weekend?

My blog stats suggest several people are looking for 19th century ornament ideas.

Over the last couple weekends, many guests commented on how several of 19th century gifts I had displayed
would make nice ornaments. How right they are!

Check out this short video for a look at some of the items:

Several of these projects are available in my Etsy Shop or on my Blogs for Free:

The Pillow Pin Ball can be made up in pretty silks and velvets or holiday cottons for a tree ornament. Put bows, bells, beads, or tassels on the corners. In my Etsy Shop

The Paper Pieced Pin Ball looks great in silk or cotton. Bead the edges or corners instead of using pins. The directions in my Etsy Shop include other combinations for ornaments.

The Slipper Pin Cushion (not in video) in my Etsy shop can make a very pretty ornament. If hung from the heel,
the toe can hold a small gift.

The Parasol Pen Wiper makes a particularly pretty ornament when beaded with clear glass beads that
catch the lights. – Directions are available in this blog post and video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDCY1dmGZ8w

The Balloon Bag can be made with pretty silks or holiday cottons. As an ornament, the Balloon Bag can hold gifts as well. Directions are available in this post and a two part video:

The large stocking needle-book has a great shape that can work as a large stocking ornament. It can be made as a single layer, or made to open like a book with photos or a special message inside. The template is available in this project post: https://annaworden.com/2019/11/01/2019-fanu-holiday-project/

I happen to be a big fan of putting hearts on a tree. So, of course I think the heart pin cushions from An American Girls Book make great ornaments. I included directions in this hearts post:

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