Hearts for Valentine’s

If you need a Snow Day project for the coming Valentine’s Day, or just because, Eliza Leslie and I have you covered.

Both of these projects can be made child friendly.

heart 1

This fun heart from An American Girl’s Book is made from an elongated triangle. These can look great in silk or cotton. Each heart needs 2 triangles. Cut them out like below. Sew the two short sides completely. Sew the long side, leaving a space open. Turn the triangle right side out. Fill with emery or batting. Stitch the opening closed. Run a strong thread along the closed long side. Pull it up into a gather bringing the points together. A heart will form. Tie a ribbon on if desired.

Heart Pincushion Triangle

Heart 2

For this playful pin-holder, I would recommend lighter weight pasteboard if using it as a pin-holder with small hearts. If this is for decoration, cardstock will do nicely. Embroidery ribbon would work well as the strings.

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