Ag Fair – Brought to You by the Letter “P”

This year, I decided to set myself a little rule for my Agricultural Society Fair entries:

All entries must begin with the letter “P”.

The idea was to make myself focus. Instead of a vast endless array of possibilities, I would make myself focus on just those entries that began with P and fit into the entry categories.

  • Pocket
  • Parasol
  • Petticoat
  • Pellise
  • Purse
  • Paltot
  • Pink
  • Pinking
  • Purple
  • Pocketbook
  • Pumpkin

Before I knew it, focusing on “P” entries became a mental game of finding all the things that could begin with “P” and how many things could I make that began with “P”.

Kinda counter-productive.

But, Fun!

Friday afternoon I dropped off the “P” entries of:

  • Pieced Pocket (Pieced article of clothing) (DM-2A)
  • Appliqued Pocket (Appliqued article of clothing) (DM-4A)
  • Quilted Pocket (Hand-quilted article of clothing) (DM-6A)
  • Embroidered Pocket (Embroidery: Embellished Article of Clothing) (DM-35)
  • Pieced Pocket of Pockets (Pieced household article) (DM-1A)
  • Quilted Pocketbook (Hand-quilted household article) (DM-5A)
  • Corded Petticoat (doll) (Handsewn article of clothing – corded) (DM-17A)
  • Petticoat (doll) (Handsewn article of clothing) (DM-18A)
  • Penwipes: Doll, Parasol, and a trio (Handsewn household articles) (DM-19) (5)
  • Doll Pincushion with Parasol Pin Keep (Handsewn Fancy articles) (DM-19)
  • Pink and Purple Corded Pinball (Display of Domestic Manufacture (DM-37A) (which I forgot at home.)

There were a number of P items on my entry form I aspired to make when I sent it in a month previous, but I simply ran out of time to make….

  • A Pink Plaid Pinked Parasol (Display of Domestic Manufacture)
  • Purse (Crochet household goods) (DM-11)
  • Pocketbook (Appliqued household article) (DM-3A)
  • Embroidered Pocket of Pockets (Embroidery – Embellished household article) (DM-34)

Photo gallery entries:

For more information on each project, please visit these posts. Some are on If I Had My Own Blue Box and some are on Don’t Paint the Cat (links are fixed now):

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  1. Anna these are fantastic. Are you offering any for holidays in your shop? Think I just have to have a beaded parasol pen wipe.

  2. I will do a few of the circle penwipers. I will need to find more handles to do the parasol penwiper or the parasol pin-keep.
    Thanks for letting me know there would be interest.

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