Parasol Pen Wiper


I’ve been wanting to make a parasol pen wiper for quite a while now. Between the few originals (far below) and the directions in Godey’s (below), they have been a temptation because of their whimsical fancy while being utterly practical.

The directions call for a “fancy stick” or a wire wrapped in silk. At this point, I can not tell you why I went on my search for broken crochet hooks, but I did. I spent months thinking broken crochet hooks would be easy to find. Nope. Not even with excellent merchants of miscellaneous sewing items just a click away on social media. Eventually and with effort, I acquired 4 and began sanding the broken end to as much of a point as I could. I do have other ideas for “fancy sticks” in mind for future parasols, either pen-wiper or pin-keep.

The parasol top is densely fulled wool. Initially, I thought quarter circles would be about right. Nope. The illustrations are closer to 45 degrees or an eighth of a circle. Mine are closer to a sixth of a circle, making a fuller top.

I opted to bead the wool rather than embroider it because I like the look of the beaded wool on the originals better. I did the beading after the assembly was complete. This was a little tricky. I don’t know that I would advise that for everyone. This technique did let me get the alternating purple and green beading right.


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