April Reflections

I started off April with some new ribbon and new CDVs. At least, I think that was still April. With winter lingering on, I am not quite sure where March ended and April began. But anyway, Ribbon… I lucked upon some very pretty vintage ribbons. Pinks, purple, blue, green, black…. and stunning stripe. The purple is oh-so-close, but not quite an exact match to some of the mourning pieces at the Wehle Gallery in the Victoria’s Closet Exhibit:


Speaking of the Victoria’s Closet Exhibit, I was able to spend the day in the exhibit during the Sneak Peek. While guests got an early look at the collection of 1850s garments and accessories, I showed them how straw plait was sewn into hats and bonnets.


This demonstration kicked off my “Spring Break” from school. I decided to challenge myself to offer a hat or bonnet each day of break. I did pretty well until I ran out of straw.

After I ran out of straw, I decided to make a velvet ribbon hairnet. After starting said velvet ribbon hairnet, I decided I don’t like making velvet ribbon hairnets anymore. Sigh…..

and then straw was delayed…

and then straw was delayed some more…..

I decided in the meantime to make velvet ribbon hairnets. Promptly, as I wove the first net’s ribbon and began stitching each of the 122 intersections together, I recalled how much I dislike making ribbon hairnets. Said hairnet has worked its way to the edge of the coffee table trunk, where it is occasionally glanced at with disdain. At some point, the net must be finished; the only motivations being the need for the clips holding it to the board and the want to not have another random UFO, let alone one comprised of 10 yards of vintage velvet ribbon.

I added a few CDVs to my collection. Some of these are still traveling according to the USPS tracking….

Finally straw arrived on Friday evening… One last hat for April… Which I am finishing as I write.

Be sure to catch the post where the mystery hat block is matched up with the hat it likely makes.

I almost forgot. I was going to do a numbers things. 9 pieces plus 3 decoratings….. That is about 105 sewing hours.

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