Millinery Connections: Unusual Hat

A friend just sent me a photo I forgot about. I had looked at this photo years ago when preparing for a candle-light tour scene. That was well before focusing on straw millinery.

Jackson’s Grave, circa 1864-1865

She thought of me when seeing two hats in the photo decorated similarly to the hat I currently have listed. screen shots:

But, when looking at these two hats, I couldn’t help but notice the unusual hats nearby. Three of the hats have wavey brims making them sorta fram the face like bonnets while still being hats. Each has two large waves with a dip in the center for the front. It is unclear what the back has.

This caused quite the mental pause…. As I though of one of the trio of bonnet blocks delivered to me two summers ago.

This hat block has been a mystery to me with its shallow crown and soft transition to a very unusual brim. Here, it is seen from the side. To the left is the front with two wider waves creating a dip center front. To the right is the back with three narrower waves. The sides turn down enabling a ribbon to attach over the outside of the brim and tie under the wearer’s chin, as in the photo.

I love when blocks connect with originals or photos. Thank you friend.

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  1. OH, that is a sweet hat – I love it!!!

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