November Update

Wow, this has been quite the fall. I have been procrastinating writing a proper update because I just don’t know what to say about a few things. I feel as though quite a bit has happened since my State of the Sewing Address in early October.


In a nutshell…. Shortly after moving at the end of September, it became just Clara and I. Around the same time, my blood lab numbers spiked nearly as high as they were in the hospital. I had some downright pissed off organs. Basically, October going into November has been an epic emotional roller coaster. This week that roller coaster is pretty deep underground because we got some crushing family news with the loss of a dear loved one.

Currently, I am in a grey area while I try to find a new normal, as well as “balance and routine” as my awesome gi doctor calls for, while working out those many details. (One of those below.) I am currently checking the radar for the storm that is headed our way. Its timing and status will determine just how much I enjoy my massage appointment this afternoon.


I am quite pleased with filling my Etsy shop’s Holiday Shop in advance of Thanksgiving this year. It is all ready for browsing and shopping. There has already been a nice response to my miniature straw hat ornaments. I added a new bunch last night. I may add a few beaded strawberries next.


By filling my Holiday Shop early, this means I can transition some of my sewing back to straw and to some of my own holiday projects. Working with straw will help me with the goal of “balance and routine.” There is a wool table mat idea I want to work up with reindeer. This is if I can find the dense black wool.


This weekend is Preparing for the Holidays at GCVM. This has become a favorite event because it promises a day shared with one of several very skilled friends and lots of interested visitors, young and old. This year I am going to try something new: I will be demostrating the pinking machines. This is going to cause some era mixing because I simply don’t have attire contemporary to the machines. I am anxious to see what happenes in terms of the quantity of silk. I will have roughly 6 hours of potential pinking. Given how quickly these machines can work, that can be a lot, I mean A LOT, of pinked silk. I may bring a sewing kit to ruche some of it.

Photo by Ruby Foote

This weekend will test what and how I packed. I packed two sets of clothing in anticipation of fall events. I have already discovered I can not remember where I packed my boots. I am also noticing the difference between the fall I packed for and the winter it distinctly is. I suspect, the wool and quilted petticoats may be in that one last pink tote that would not fit in the car. Fingers crossed.

Looking Ahead

One of the things I have to figure out going forward is some financial stability. Basically, I need to sew and sell an absolute every month to get by. I recently had someone encouraging me to use Patreon and a couple other platforms. I would like to get your thoughts on Patreon I am trying to decide whether Patreon is the right match for me, if it is a good fit or distraction. Here is what I would like to know from you:

  • Do you know what Patreon is?
  • Do you feel comfortable supporting artists and educators with it?
  • Would you encourage me to use it?

I think that is all for now. I hope everyone has a warm, safe Thanksgiving. I plan to enjoy chocolate cream pie and self healing.

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  1. Patreon sounds like a great idea! I do know what it is, and I know how well it has worked for various people/organizations. Your content is definitely worth supporting.

  2. That’s so fast!
    I am glad you love them. I was wondering if they would be gifts or kept as a set.
    I will add your family to my prayers. Thank you.
    The Patreon would be in addition to ongoing millinery. It will just allow me to write more and keep sewing to a healthy level.

  3. I like Patreon; it lets me help support creators and gives them a reliable monthly income. A friend is closing hers though; it was becoming too much work, managing the rewards for different tiers,, and she felt she was getting lost in the shuffle of other musicians. If you have the time to give it, it sounds like a good match.

  4. I haven’t heard of Patreon, but a friend likes it for artists he follows (graphic novel artists). If you have a solid base of followers it sounds like a good way to go!

  5. I just received my straw ornaments. O M G THEY ARE THE CUTEST EVER. I was going to share them, but, I think I will keep them all for myself. I am sorry to read about your struggles. My family is having some struggles, also. I will pray for you and I would appreciate your prayers, too. I don’t know of this Patrion? I think if you can make straw hats, they will always sell fast.

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