June Forecast

I am really having trouble with acknowledging that it is June. This is a bit odd since I’ve had this running calendar of May and June that nearly combines the weeks into one long, flowing month. I sorta hit a wall today/yesterday/which-ever-day-May-31-is-was with work stuff. Well, I guess it wasn’t so much a wall as a massive pit of sticky, muddy, gooey, gross stuff. Yep. That’s how I feel about it.

So, I desperately need to look forward to the fabulous things I have on my other plate for June and a little beyond.

New Addition

IMG_20180531_181927A new antique bonnet block arrived. This block is just darling. It is petite. I do not know yet if it is just a small style, a small size, or even a child’s size. Because of all the pin holes, the many many pin holes, in the plaster, I am hesitant to use it regularly to block. I may just try the one to find out what the finished piece looks like.

I will be looking into various molding processes. I need to educate myself on the options and dangers to original pieces. I would like to find a knowledgeable, skilled, local person who can cast copies of at least Serenity _20180531_172751 and this block for me. It would be great to have usable copies of all four plaster blocks. _20180531_172724_20180531_172737

Event – GCVM – War of 1812

wp-image-1099886474jpg.jpgJune finally brings an event for me – the Genesee Country Village and Museum’s War of 1812 event. Find me in Foster, the building just ahead as you walk through the toll booth, demonstrating sewing straw hats and bonnets. I missed this event last year because I was visiting the hospital instead. So, I am doubly looking forward to this year. (right: the demo from two years ago.)

I will be bringing Regency era samples and a couple appropriate blocks this year with their corresponding hat and/or bonnet shapes. Right now, I am planning on showing the differences between a straight and a tapered crown. I think that will be easy for kids to see and match up. I am suddenly remembering I still need to make the sample books I’ve been wanting to make.

Workshop Planning

I have a couple workshops in the works. Both are yet to be official with all the details involved. But, a little bird told me one of them made someone squeak with excitement when she got a sneak peek. I am looking forward to getting the details and materials together for these. Stay tuned to find out more.


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