Introducing Serenity 

 I would like to formally, finally, introduce Serenity. 

Serenity is one of three new millinery blocks that made it home to me in June thanks to wonderful friends. Serenity continues the naming tradition started with Galaxy, in receiving a sci-fi name. 

Serenity is an 1860s shape, approximately 1860-63. She is plaster as are her sister blocks, which I will introduce sometime soon-ish. She is lighter weight than I expected, but definitely delicate feeling. 

This past week, in preparation for the GCVM event, I made and blocked 4 bonnets on Serenity. In doing so, I found how naturally the cheek tabs developed their spoon curve as the brim rose. 

There is one similar block I am aware of found in a blog review of Sue Langley’s book, Hats & Bonnets: 1770-1970. It is remarkable how similar the block shape is while the opening below the tip is different. 

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