March Update

This month’s update may get a bit long….

To Net or Not To Net Revisited COVEROf course, I have to mention how I kicked off the month: I released my new book To Net, or Not to Net: Revisited. I am excited to make this deeper look at hair nets available. I filled it with photos and illustrations. Okay, maybe I went a little over-board.

_20180314_164202I finally started working on straw for the season with this two tone Civil War era hat. It is nice to start sewing straw again. It is quite relaxing for me with the focus and the rhythm. (It would be nice to solve the straw on the rug problem though. Tis the season of the over-worked vacuum.) I really like the shape of this new hat block. I still need to give it a name.

I have Galaxy out, the 1840s block, so I can make a couple 1840s bonnets in honor of the coming exhibit at the Wehle Gallery: Victoria’s Closet. Look for those soon.


The Coming In April

  • April 13th – Opening day of the Victoria’s Closet exhibit at the Wehle Gallery at the Genesee Country Village and Museum, during their Antique Show and Sale.
  • April 28th – I’ll be talking about Millinery in Situ during the 140th’s Civilian Seminar.
  • I am still working out some details on special projects this year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share those soon.

Dress Projects

I have two dress projects I am pondering for myself. The first being an 1850s or 1860s dress from my birthday fabric. I pictured a larger scale when I saw the image online. I tend to get scale off when looking at a screen. I wanted a fabric that would be a fun challenge to work with. The bold red stripe over the subtler, smaller stripes fit the bill.

Leave it to me to buy an 1850s-60s fabric for my birthday and moments later decide it would be good to make an 1840s dress to go with the Victoria’s Closet exhibit. Yup. Go me.
1840s….. dropped waist that is allusively small, bias galor, gathers from the shoulders across the bust, sleeves more full on the bottom… pretty fabrics…

For me, I have a couple hurdles – I don’t exactly have a small firm waist and will have some trouble with the appropriate corset for that. Second, my short arms are upside down for the ideal, rather fluffy on top and smaller on bottom. Both hurdles will need to be worked with and around.

Here is one possibility. I am picturing this is a bold semi-sheer that I think I have at home. I think. I like the asymmetric opening and gathering, as well as the control over the pleats. I think a semi-sheer will gather or pleat in with much less bulk. Those sleeves just aren’t going to cut it though. Sure, fitted bias at the top. But from just above the elbow down, it needs some fullness. Oh, and maybe not that white extension from the collar.


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