Two Tone Civil War Era Hat

Years ago, I told myself I would not work with recovered plait unless it was a really special plait. It is just too much of a pain (literally at times) and a mess (all the time) to take a piece a part to save just any plait. Then I saw this plait. Love it!  

This plait is two tone, a dark brown and a light natural. The straw itself is more like willow, fibrous and strong. Braided, it makes a beautiful plait.

This is the inspiration hat I worked from. I like the round, medium height crown and not too wide brim. As the plait I used is two tone, i would go with a solid or floral ribbon in the same position. (btw, the tassel is part of her net. Read about tassels on nets in To Net, or Not to Net.)

This will truly be a one of a kind because I only have a small amount left. (Hoping for a soft crown.) It is entirely handsewn. Since it is a recovered plait, there are tiny treads here and there I may have missed. 

I’ve included a photo of me wearing it to give you a better idea of the curve of the brim. 

Find this hat in my Etsy shop. 

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  1. Extra-special!

  2. Very nice.

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