Millinery at Mumford

Here is Lily’s green silk caned bonnet trimmed out in pale pink satin and pink & white flowers.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Here is my pearl silk caned bonnet trimmed out in rosey pink and paper roses with a silk bordered veil.

??????????????????????????????? IMG_3831 IMG_3832

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  1. Love them! Does the veil work well?

  2. Yes and no. It works nicely as a sun deflector when the sun is dampened already by clouds. The white does have glare when the sun is really bright. The green one of Bevin’s I’ve worn plays with the brighter light nicely.

  3. Thank you, Anna. I’ve toyed with the thoughts of getting a repro one as my eyes are becoming more and more sensitive as I age.

  4. I would definitally suggest color over white. I want mine to act almost like sunglasses. The white can’t manage that in the bright sun. The green does subdue the light. It also plays with the edge colors of things. For me, it recreates what I see when I’m getting some migraines, without the migraine. I need to test out my black one. I am wondering what would happen with a rose or brown thinking of what different sunglasses colors do for me. I need to ask Bevin if she’s seen originals in either color.

  5. Let me know about the colors! I thought they were only black and white.

  6. Both bonnets are lovely, I especially like the soft green.

  7. My (now former) roomie dyed her veil sort of brownish tan…. It seems to work for her. It is very light colored. I’ve not asked her about the color refractory issues. I really should have one as the sun glare blinds me & leaves me that way for a long time afterwards…. It is very painful.

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